Time goes by so fast when you are happy
and before you knew it, you're leaving hell,
and hang on there tight as things get sappy,
you found them and you're bound to say farewell.

College, they're hardly there unlike before.
Of course, they are fighting their own battles
but these are for the people I adore.
I adore all of your growing petals.

You're growing and becoming different
but you are withstanding the strong current
and I know you will change just as I will
but I hope all our goals we will fulfill.

I hope the next time I return home there,
and I hope you would still recognize me
even if I've changed, that you would still care,
and that on gay senpais we'd still agree.

Become not my friend for I'll stick like a leech,
sucking all your love as if it's fresh blood.
Though all of you now are out of my reach,
I know you'd still pick me out from the mud.

I would doubt your friendship with mine nonstop
since it puzzles me why you'd stick with me
when I can't give you things from the bookshop
since I'm poor and all I have is debris.

In simple words, I am good for nothing
but I see you there, behind, still standing,
and all I did was to doubt your kindness.
You didn't run off when you saw my darkness.

Don't be my friend since I am annoying
and demand your attention constantly.
I'd kill myself with my overthinking
but you'd taught me to live defiantly.

Don't be because onto you, I will cling
and chances are, of me, you would get rid
but like a wild animal to a spring,
you are a source of love in my small grid.

The world is huge and I'm only a dot
and I always thought that God's given plot,
was for me to be alone in the dark
but in my heart, He made you left your mark.

No one had ever loved my old soul's wounds
or even the existence of my soul,
without drawbacks or conditions or bounds
then you were there and had answered my call.

All of these still surprises me till now.
Though the earthly winds had brought me elsewhere
and though we have made no promise or vow,
one day, I will return home there, I swear.

Perhaps, by that time, all my wounds have healed
till then, from the world, I hide, un-revealed,
till strength comes to fill my heart once again,
till they'd all disappear—the chains of pain.

In this poem, I pray I'll remain with you
though I am miles far away from your side.
Remember even if I don't tell you,
you're important; I didn't cast you aside.

Even if you think I have forgotten,
in all honesty, I have not at all.
Though I could not give you a token,
I hope I am not forgotten at all.

I pray that when you will wake up today,
you will remember that you are so loved
that you'll still smile even in times of gray.
Always remember that you are so loved.