I woke up, confused and disoriented for a moment before I recognized the stuff crisp blue pants of Lance's uniform and it all came back.

"Will we be there soon?" I kind of wanted this ride to last forever so I didn't have to face what came next. "Am I going to be meeting everyone with these huge rediculous cuffs on?"

"Unfortunately yes. You're too high risk at this point. Don't worry, it will just make you look powerful and mysterious."

"Not in this weird, terrible outfit you all put me in."

"A school uniform just arrived for you. It's waiting in the bathroom if you wish to shower and change."

"That would be nice." He pointed me towards a bathroom that was adequately outfitted with elegant marble facades and gilded faucets. I took a long hot shower, trying to scrub every last git of dirt from myself. Then I spent a long time styling my hair. After I was all down, I began to look around for some clothes. I quickly located the closet, behind a sleek walnut panel. Inside the closet hung my choice of two uniforms: a yellow blazer, with blue pants and a white shirt or a blue blazer with a yellow wool skirt and a white shirt. Both looked hideous but I choose the skirt and was pleasantly surprised by its fit. The outfit was completed with blue socks and loafers.

I saw Lance start. "Well, my goodness you clean up well. We're almost at but I thought you might like some breakfast."

I had begun to notice pangs of hunger but my stomach dropped at the thought of what lay ahead. However past the first bright drop of dear, it too receded behind the wall. It was very odd to feel one's emotions rise then fade so quickly, but I noted this as dispassionately as I did most of my thoughts.

With my fear gone, my hunger quickly took over and when a page of scrambled eggs and fluffy biscuits and tofu patties appeared, I tucked in heartily.