Chapter 81 - Marcus

A shrill cry filled the air. It raced through the corridors and split the space.


Marcus covered his ears and his mouth was wide open. He drooled. He felt as though this cry was going to tear him apart. This was not the sound a human could make — but Zofia was no human.

There was a swish of wind. Was that her moving? Marcus couldn't be sure.

The cry faded. Marcus moved without thinking. He climbed the stairs and reached Eren's body. He was unconscious but she was alive. His arm had been severed to the shoulder but thankfully he wasn't bleeding; the ice had taken his arm but it also sealed the wound by freezing his shoulder.

"Get Sable!" he said. "I'll take Eren."

Svenja didn't move. She looked at her hands and then collapsed onto the stairs.

In the darkness, Marcus could hear Zofia howling with grief. It wouldn't take very long for grief to turn into a desire for revenge.

"Svenja!" He rushed over to her and picked her up. Her hands were bleeding, the tattoos oozing blood.

"She is dying." Sable had managed to stand up on her own and now stood behind Marcus. She kneeled down and took Svenja from his arms. She examined the hands. "Her body was weak to begin with and she has pushed herself too far; her blood and body are exhausted."

Sable said these words with great certainty. She had seen such cases before. She had been such a case.

"Save her!" Marcus bellowed, his eyes blind with urgency.

"We have to run," Sable said. "There is nothing we can do here; if we want Eren and Svenja to live, then we have to escape."

Marcus swore under his breath. Everything had gone wrong.

He took Eren's remaining left arm, supported him using his shoulder and began to walk up the stairs. Sable did the same with Svenja.

They moved laboriously, ignoring Zofia's howls, hoping that she would continue to cry — that she would drown in her grief.

Up and up. Ignore the cries, ignore the fear. Ignore the pain. Keep going up.

"There, I can see it!" Marcus said. A sliver of moonlight shone through a crack in a trapdoor.

Zofia's howling had stopped. There was only silence.

Marcus put Eren down and pushed against it. It was locked. He slammed his shoulder against the door but it would not budge.

"Damn it!" he cried. Freedom was so close and yet one measly lock was going to be the death of him .

Sable pushed him aside. "I'll do it."

She balled her gauntlets into fists and smashed into the door. With a cry, she punched through.

Behind them, Marcus could hear fast footsteps. Zofia.

Her hands shaking, Sable pulled back. Her magic had reached its limit. "Do it," she breathed.

Marcus swallowed. If he couldn't break the door this time, then Zofia would reach them.

With a wild cry, he slammed his shoulder into the door. There was a crunch and he stumbled outside.

Sable followed. She rubbed her eyes. The moonlight was so gentle, but her eyes still needed to adjust.

Marcus glanced left and right. Where were they? It was a narrow alleyway in the middle of King's Pride.

The quick footsteps behind them grew louder.

Marcus grabbed Eren. Sable took Svenja.

They run into the night.

And this is the last chapter for now! I am so sorry for the drought of updates. I got through job interviews, got the job, moved to a new city, went apartment hunting, IKEA trips and all. It's a new phase in my life, but that doesn't mean that I will stop writing! Watch this space for incoming updates! I will be starting a new story very soon :)