tw: panic attacks, anxiety, mentions of abuse/drug usage/eating disorder

Hullo, readers!

This story is a passion project of mine and something I've been writing since I was in high school lmao. An ode to my angsty teenaged years where Pierce The Veil, Of Mice & Men, Sleeping With Sirens and many other alt-rock/punk rock/metalcore bands of that decade helped me through some hard times. These bands were a huge influence on me and it's the genre of music that Tripp's band plays. It's the reason why I kept the setting circa 2013-2014 even though my music taste is vastly different today. I will always hold a special place for those bands in my heart haha.

Anyway, if you're new and came across this story, then you can skip to SUMMER - Battle of the Bands where it begins. (FYI: My early chapters posted during 2017-2018 are all unedited. I dunno when I'll go back to revise and rewrite them...)

Thanks for reading! ^_^