Susie Q in the Dunk Tank.

Susan took a deep breath as she peered toward the three hundred thirty three gallon dunking booth that was being filled to the brim with ice cold water. She had been drafted into this little stunt by one of her teachers. The teacher in question, happened to be one of her favorite ones. And as such, a special request from her could not turned down. Nor could the promised bounty of four hundred extra citizenship points. And after her little stunt during homecoming. She was in dire need of any and all extra points she could scrap up.

"Almost ready?" A voice said behind her. The voice belonged to a tall blonde haired women. The women wore a light cotton sundress that hugged her body like a glove. Her nails and toenails had been painted a deep, dark blue. The color matched her dress. A pair of plastic sandal's completed the outfit.

Susan quickly spun around. The voice had derailed her normal train of thought and thrown her for a loop. For a minute she just stood there, peering toward the women, something about her reminded her of a cheerleader. Maybe it was her tanned body, one that made her look like a bronze statue. Or maybe it was her coy manners and how easy flirting came to her, she seen her flirt with Mr. Hood a dozen or so times in the hallway while changing class's.

"Not Sure." Susan said taking a deep breath. "But.. I guess once there done filling up that tank, I'll take a seat and get this over with. I mean.. I'm going to be there all day." She said rolling her eyes and giving the women a little taste of her sass.

The women, sighed loudly as she peered toward Susan.

"Hey, Susie Q, cut the sass dear. For one, you signed up for this. And two, your suppose to a scout. Last time I checked, scouts where sweet, kind, well mannered and charitable." She said in a sharp tone of voice. Truth be known, she had only signed up to work this booth because her sweetheart was the one in charge. It had been Thorns idea to hire a Dunking Booth for annual fete.

Susan blushed a dark red as she peered toward the women. Taking a deep breath she signed as she folded her hands in front of her, and then in gentle tone of voice she said.

"Sorry Ms. Cartwright." She said closing her eyes as she spoke, so she could at least avoid looking into the women's baby blue eyes. Those eyes scared the living hell out of her.

Ms. Cartwright nodded her head, "Its fine sugar cube." She said wrapping one arm around Sue's shoulder and gently she pulled her into a one arm hug. "And you can call me Jane, where not on parade or anything. No need to so formal. Just think of me as one of the girls."

Susan worried expression, soon turned into a smile as she felt Jane's arm reaching around her shoulder. Giggling a little she nodded her head right along with the women's words. "Sure.. Jane."

"Now we got that out of the way." She said smiling. "Why don't you go ahead and change into your bikini, so you can take a seat." She said with a wink and a nudge.

Susan took a deep breath as she peered toward the ground. Her cheeks where starting to heat up a little as she started to press two fingers together. Finally after a long pause of several seconds she spoke.

"I don't have a bikini." She said blushing even more. "I was hoping to borrow one from school." Susan knew that the school kept a number of extra, one piece suits on hand for swim practice.

Jane shook her head and gently she placed a hand down upon Sue's shoulder. Taking a deep breath she said. "Honey, nobody going to want to dunk you if your wearing the our schools bathing suit. People, mostly the boys want to dunk a cute looking girl. Girls too, are objective is to make you look cute. Cute enough to dunk." Jane spoke with a simple frankness. One that made Sue flush deep red.

"Oh.." Susan said still blushing as she looked away. Sue was just starting to come out of her shell. She was far from shy about her body. She seen her younger brother James, naked a dozen or so times. Health Education taught her that boys where different from girls in many ways, plus, she seen girls her own age naked as the day they where born at scout retreats and such. But just the thought of being dressed in something cute and put on public display made her blush wildly.

"Almost ready." Called somebody by the tank. "Give it another ten or so minutes." He quickly added.

Jane closed her eyes. After a few heart beats they fluttered open. "I might a spare suit in the trunk of my car. I took my little sister down to the coast last weekend. And she around your age, and size. Maybe a little taller than you but still. I think it would be a good fit." And with that being said. Jane took off like a rocket. A few minutes later, she returned with a Barbie pink gym bag hanging at her hip.

"Come along." Jane said reaching over to take Susan by the hand. "We gotta get you changed." She stated in matter of fact tone of voice, she then shifted her gaze toward the three male students working the tank. "How long do we have before show time?" She asked.

"Around five or so minutes." One of the guys said, eyeing the rising water level.

Jane nodded her head. And without saying another word she quickly dragged Sue toward the school. The pair returned a few minutes later. Jane wore a lovely smile that spoke of victory, Sue could only trot behind her blushing once more like a bride going to the alter. From the looks of things, Jane had by either force or bribery talked her into wearing a pink two piece bikini with white polka dots. Her long brown locks of coco brown hair had been divided down the middle with each section having been pulled into two pigtails. Matching pink ribbons where wrapped around bundle of hair.

Still blushing, Susan mounted the plastic steps and slowly climbed up the ladder. Smiling a soft smile, she made the leap of faith from the ladder to the spring board. Once she was seated she folded her hands in her lap and started to collect her thoughts. The late morning sun was still high in the sky, and even with a light breeze blowing in from the river blow. The temperature was still hovering around one hundred.

"Come one, come all!" Shouted Jane as she peered toward the passing crowds of students. All seemed to be minding those own business and not paying the bikini clad Susan any attention. A few though, stopped and stared for a little bit before returning to there own devices.

A good ten minutes passed without anybody bothering to come within a yard of the booth. The sun had climbed a little higher now and most students where gathering around one of the many food trailers. Corndogs, funnel cakes, and lemonade that was made with way to much sugar and not enough lemon. Small beads of sweat where starting to form across Susan's forehead and on her arms and legs. Signing wishfully she started to dip her toes into the cold water. Part of her was starting to crave getting dunked, she been gunged twice before. Once as part of a Saturday morning special, and the other time as a forfeit. Both times had a experience that she wished to repeat.

"Looks like it's a bust." Jane said with shake of her head. "Normally, I would tell you to hackle them a little." Jane paused there before pushing on. "But your too kind for that, heck your one of the sweetest girls at the school. That along should draw them in."

Susan nodded her head as she skimmed her big toe over the cool surface of the water. Her mind was totally blank right now. Then something happen, a boy with shaggy brown hair came waltzing up to the booth. The boy took one look at Susan and smirked. Without saying a word, he placed down three dollars as was reward with three, hard leather balls. Eyeing the youth carefully she gave him a little wink before straitening out her back and poking out her chest and

The boy took one of the leather balls into his hand. He gripped the ball with his fingers, reared back his arm took careful aim and let the ball go. The ball left his hand with once graceful movement and sailed toward the switch. A second later, the sound of leather banging into metal could be heard.

Susan had barely had time to act, soon the seat gave way and she dropped like a stone into the cold waters. Susan screamed a high pitched scream as she feeling of being drenched by the cold water flooded over her. Causing her to whimper as water flooded all corners of her personal being.

"Good show.." Susan said breaking the surface of the water. Quickly she reset the seat and without missing a beat, she climbed back up and resumed her position.

She had barely time to settle, before the boy let another ball lose, again the hard brown projectile sailed through the air. With a loud pining sound the ball hit the target again, once more sending Sue into the cold water.

Blushing like mad, Susan fell into the water, this time she dove down a little to give the boy who dunked her a good view of her from the viewing window at the bottom. After swimming around for a few minutes she once more broke the clear surface of the water. This time, she only smiled toward the handsome boy that dunked her. Resetting the seat once more she climbed back up.

The final throw missed the target, this caused the boy to pout as he left the booth. Susan was far from disappointed, two dunking in a row was enough for her.

The next half hour seemed to grind by, as a number of other people tried and failed to hit the target. With only one more hour remaining in her shift. Susan thought she might escape lucky, with only being dunked twice. Then through the crowed she spotted somebody, somebody that made her blush like mad. Walking through the crowds, was a boy with somewhat long black hair, a Pokemon theme teeshirt hung lose on his skinny frame, a pair of cargo shorts showed off his white hairless legs, and a goofy grin played across his face.

"Brain!" She chirped as she peered toward the boy.

"Who?" Said Jane, looking up from her latest fashion magazine. She had taken to flipping through its glossy pages between rush's. Right now she was reading about the newest diet that was taking the country by storm.

"My boyfriend." Susan said taking a deep breath. "Of three months." She quickly added. Brian and Susan had been childhood friends, Susan even looked up to his older sister Katherine as kind of the big sister she wish she had. The Junior was everything she wished to be, she was popular, she knew how to dress, she had all the little secret moves and little hints. She even knew how to flirt with boys in a way that left them tongue tied and blushing.

"Cute." Jane said as she rolled her eyes. "Shall we call him over here?" She said with abroad grin. "I mean, who better to dunk you. A total stranger or ya boyfriend?" She asked with a smirk.

Susan said nothing, but she did turn up her nose and as she flushed red, it seemed like this was the one hundredth time she had flushed red today. And to honest she was getting tired of it. Her blush only grew as Brian a collection of boys he hung out with slowly made there way over toward the booth. Brain, titled his head as he peered toward Susan, sitting above the vat of ice cold water.

"Here." Jane said tossing one of the hard leather balls toward Brian. "On the house, but be sure to send her into the drink, kay?" She said winking as she turned toward Susan.

"Brian Alexander Walker!" She shouted as she saw the brown leather ball in his hand. "Don't you dare think about dunking me!" She said as she folded her hands across her breast.

"Sorry Sue-Sue." Brian said smirking as he tossed the ball up in the air. "But I'm afraid your going to take a dip." With that he started rear back.

Susan could just pout toward Brian as her childhood nickname was mentioned. All of her male relatives, including her father called her 'Sue-Sue' It been that way since the cradle. Her mother on the other hand, and all of her female relatives had always called her 'Susie' or 'Susie Q' when she was being a little drama queen or pouting. Again, it had been like that since the cradle.

"Cute." Jane said setting aside her magazine. Watching Sue and Brian go at it was indeed cute. And was far better than reading about who was doing who in Hollywood. Not that the lasted celebrity melodrama was boring. Its just it could not hold a candle to the unfolding teen drama playing out in front of her.

Susan shifted her gaze toward Jane. Taking a deep breath she stuck her tongue out at the girl. Jane shifting her self just in time to catch Susan's display of immature behavior. She only grinned as she shook her head as she settled down into her chair.

Susan shifted her gaze down toward the water, the water was not as cold as it once had been, but was still cool enough to take ones breath away. Shaking a little she could only fold her hands in her lap, straighten her back and offer Brian a little smile.

Brian took a deep breath, and quickly released the hard leather ball from his hands, the ball sailed through the air and struck hard the center of the target. Causing the springboard seat to give way under Sue. Once more Sue fell like a stone into the cool waters of the tank. As was quickly becoming a tradition, she swam around the bottom, letting everybody view through the viewing glass. For brief period of time, no more than thirty seconds she swam around the narrow confines, feeling very must like a goldfish swimming around its bowl.

Quickly though she broke the surface of the water, taking a deep breath she peered toward Brian, who was standing there, looking like a king.

"Brian.. Your in trouble young man." She playfully scolded as she returned to her seat. Maybe, just maybe.. Brian will get to dunk her once or twice… she kind of liked being dunked by him.

The End