Grim faced, the girls of St. Katherine's Episcopal School, marched toward the center of the soccer field. In the center that sat a small child's wadding pool. Sitting in the center of the pool, one would a plastic forest green lawn chair. Surrounding the pool where six, six gallon buckets. The buckets where filled to the brim with six different kind of mystery mess's. Leading this band of forlorn looking band was there team captain a tall blonde haired girl with deep blue eyes and a splash of freckles across her pale cheeks. Beside her stood a smaller girl. One with coco colored hair.

One, by one the girls lifted there eyes to face there doom. Standing around the pool and looking as proud as peacocks stood the victories girls of St. Joseph Roman Catholic School. Each one of twelve players wore smirks upon there face as they eyed the broken band, slowly inching there way toward them.

To understand the Rivalry between St. Katherine's and St. Joseph, one must first understand the people that made up both church's. St. Katherine's was one of the oldest Episcopal church's in the state of Mississippi. Second only to Holy Trinity in Natchez. And most of the people from St. Katherine's came from the middle to upper class. Indeed most were the sons and daughters of the old planter class.

St. Joseph on the other hand, had been formed by the children of Irish, German, Italian immigrants who had crossed over from Europe to work on the varies plantations under the "Sharecropping System". Many of those had left the fields for better working conditions in town, or on the many railroad jobs that where springing up. And though one hundred years or so had passed, in the collective memory of the people of Vicksburg, at least as far as the upper class was concerned, the Roman Catholics where still those poor Irish, German, Italian rabble.

"Look at them." The Co-Capitan of the St. Josephs soccer team said with a grin. "Not more than two hours ago, they thought themselves queens of this town." She said grinning a twisted little grin. Her flaming red hair and deep green eyes where all the hallmarks of the Celtic blood flowing through her body.

"Aye." The girl to her right said. "Gave them a right good thrashing we did. Right in front of there mums and dads too. And lets not forget the whole bloody school. Took them market we did." She said with a little grin.

"Who strikes your fancy Grace?" The girl behind her said. "I would like to get me hands on the Capitan of that sorry lot. Sit her right down, cuff her hands behind her back and mess her right well."

"My eyes are own the little lass walking beside her. The one with the odd colored eyes and the brown hair. She the one I'll choose." Said Grace the Co-Capitan. "She I think will do. Twist her up right well. Make her cry, and send a message to the whole school." She quickly added. Grace then took a deep breath before quickly adding. "Might she be some concern of yours Lottie?"

Charlotte took a deep breath, as she released her breath she started to peer down at the ground, slowly she started to shuffle her feet around. She knew she had to answer. Finally though after a pause of a few seconds she spoke.

"The girl is named Susan." She stated. "She in my scout troop. During are winter retreat. My little sister, slipped and spangled her ankle. Susan, being the lass and scout she is. Carried the girl on her back to the clinic. Not only did she dress her leg. But she nursed the girl all through the night." Charlotte paused again. "I just can't do it. It would a poor thank you."

Grace took a deep breath and sighed. "Fair play." She said before turning around. "But still, I'm going to select her. No doubt leader will try to shoulder the blame and worm her way into the chair. That way at least she can what little is left of there pride. I don't plan on giving them that chance. By selecting one of the rank and file members. I'm sending a clear message to that girl." She then looked up and locked eyes with Susan. "And that message is this. You have no power on are playing field, your statues as a team captain means nothing."

Across the playing field. Susan had noticed the women looking her dead in the eye and to be honest. It scared the daylights out of her. The warm blood flowing through her body seemed to drop down below freezing for a minute as a chill passed over her. Even the tiny hairs on the back of her neck where standing straight up. And despite it being in the heat of the day, she felt like she was standing in a open plain, in the heart of winter.

Taking a deep breath she started to pull upon her short sleeve shirt. Like her teammates, Sue wore a simple white, short sleeve sports shirt, and a pastel blue skort along with knee high white socks and a cute pair of pink and white sneakers. Her long brown hair had been pulled back in a neat ponytail.

"There going to let us have now." A girl to the right said. "I know they are, us fools should have never agreed to this wager. One of us, will have a hard trip home soon." She said in a tone that spoke of utter defeat.

"Hey! We gave all we could, in the end.." Called another one from the back. She was a blonde girl one with deep baby blue eyes and soft face. She was just about to finish her statement when somebody else called out.

"In the end they still took us to cleaners. A collection of Jesuit educated, flee bitten, whores of Roman, took us down. Brought us down to the ground and smashed are heads into the clay. No other way of looking at it. The score, twenty seven to seven.. This was not a match. This was a slaughter. Beaten by sorry collection of papist." She muttered as she bent down, took a handful of grass into her and with a sneer upon her lips she tossed it toward the pitch.

Susan shifted her eyes from one girl to the other. For the life of her, she could not get that girls eyes out of her mind. Taking a deep breath she followed behind the girl in front of her. Maybe this is who sheep felt, when they where being lead to the slaughter. Right now, they where within spitting distance from the St. Joseph team.

"Alright girls." Grace said taking a deep breath as she stepped toward the rag tag group of girls. "Line up, and face the crowds and smile." She said in a loud booming tone of voice as she stepped out from the gathered collection of her own. "One of you." She stated once more in a loud booming tone of voice.

"Will be selected, at random to get totally trashed." She said nodding toward two of the biggest girls on her team. Quickly two girls a good head taller than the rest stepped out. The first one was a huge sandy blonde girl with deep brown eyes. The second was a raven haired girl with deep green eyes. Both stood tall like proud Amazonian huntress.

A dozen or so whispers ran through the gathered crowds on both sides of the field. On the St. Joseph side of green, one could hear low level clapping followed by some whistling. On the St. Katherine's side of the field, there could be heard low grumbles that the unfolding events where utter nonsense.

"Somebody should do something." A middle age women said to another. "This is going a little too far. The girls played hard, there no needed to drag those poor darling through this." She said in a sad tone of voice. The women wore a simple flora print sundress, a broad straw hat provided a little cover from the strong afternoon rays of sunshine.

"I know.." another women said in sad tone of voice. "That my Elizabeth down there. I promise you. If that girl chooses her, I'm going to march down there and pull her out of the way. Then I'm going to have a word with the headmaster. Then I'm going to go straight to the Rector. And if he refuses to act. I'm going straight to the vestry board."

".. I just hope my Susie is not selected." Isabelle said taking a deep breath as she peered toward center of the field where the girls where lining up. Like the other moms she wore a simple, light cotton flora print sundress. A broad sunhat and plastic sandals completed the outfit. As she released her breath, she thought back to this morning. Susan seemed to happy, going out with her teammates, her "Sisters" as she called them.

Grace had been peering into Susan's eye for a good minute and half now. The prolong period of waiting had been her choice. Call her evil, but she loved seeing the girl wiggle under her gaze. She was clearly the youngest one on the team. And might be something of a little sister to the rest of the girls. Slowly she stuck her tongue out and still grinning she brushed the front of her teeth. Perfect, I'm going to gunge up there little sister. I mean having us chose the victim was bad enough. I'm sure that fool girl expected us to select her. We'll lucky for you I've deiced on little Miss. Pinkeye here.

"What's your name girl?" Grace asked in a firm tone of voice.

Susan blinked and blinked again as she stepped forward and took a deep breath. For a minute she tried to look Grace in the eyes, but she quickly found herself diverting her gaze a few seconds later.

"Susan." She said in a low tone of voice.

"Louder girl, full name this time." She said nodding toward her two henchwomen to take the girl by the shoulder. Both responded within seconds of receiving the signal. It took only a blink for both of them to take Susan roughly by the arms and drag her toward the chair.

"SUSAN ELIZABETH MARI BELL." Susan shouted as shock of being taken roughly by the shoulder started to fad and the truth was starting to dawn on her. Soon she found herself being dropped into the seat of the chair. Once Seated, the two women reached down and unlaced her shoes, once the shoes where unlaced they removed her socks.

"We'll Susan." Grace said smiling as she walked over to the selection of buckets. Grinning a little she looked down to see what the bucket held. The bucket held a good twelve gallons of super thick cake batter slime. Neon orange in color. Small little cubes of ice floated around in the thick, brightly colored mess.

"I hope," She stepped over the low, plastic walls of the pool. "You brought some shampoo or something. I guess most of this will wash out." And with that being said, she tipped the bucket over Susan head, sending a small stream, then a river of gold gunge over her head. The poorly mixed batter, slowly coated her brown locks of hair.

Susan blushed deeply as the cold slop rolled down the crown of her head and down the front of her shirt and over her skort. A few droplets of the gunge even worked there way down the back and front of her shirt. The sight of a few lose droplets rolling down the front of Sue's shirt gave grace a idea.

"Now." She said picking up another bucket, the sides of this one were covered with a fine layer of frost. "Here a little something to help you cool off." She said carefully walking to the front. Once she was standing in front of Susan, she gently tipped the bucket up, sending a flood of bubble gum pink slime down the front of her shirt. The icy cold mess clung to her shirt. Grace, putting her twisted mind to work, only poured half of the mixture. The other half of the mixture was poured directly into her shirt.

Susan whimpered and turned from a light pink color, to a dark red color. Her blush only deepen when another bucket was poured down the back of her shirt. Her sports bra was now totally soaked and she felt a cold chill sneaking up on her. Blinded by the mess, should could not see her teammates just peering toward her, there mouths open, there faces void of any expression. The cold truth that this could be them next time was just starting to dawn upon them. And in there hearts, each one them was starting to question there own loyalty to the school, to team and worst of all each other.

Grace grinned a little as she tossed the empty bucket to the side. Her grin grew even more when the first whispers of approval floated down from the stands and reached her ears. It was working, not only had St. Katherine's been defeated on the field, but now there fighting spirit was taking a hard direct hit. With this in mind, she picked up the final bucket of gunge and smiled a little wicked smile toward Sue. The gunge was starting to get warm now

Finally, the decided to bring this leg of the ordeal to a end. Smiling she picked up another bucket. Then slowly moving toward Susan she said in a firm, but oddly enough gentle tone of voice gave her the following commandment.

"Stand up." She said before quickly adding. "Please."

Blushing deeply, Susan stood up and peered toward the women. Quickly she took a deep breath as some of the gunge poured out of her shirt and into the confines of the quickly swelling pool. Her bare toes where now covered in the brown, gray and orange mixture. All three colors where swirled together to form something that looked horrible and felt the same.

"Now," Grace said walking in front of Susan. "Open up your pants." She said looking the defeated girl in the eye.

Susan blushed deeply as she held open her pants. A deep blush colored her cheeks as she watched the older girl, slowly tip the look warm gunge down the front of her pants. Her blush, grew deeper and a strange mixture of excitement and shame flooded into her mind as the warm gunge ran down the front of her shorts.

"Very good." Chirped grace as she stepped to the side. From one side of the green field there could be heard a loud uproar of laughter and whistles. And from the other, there came a storm of jeers and boos. Grace only smiled and turned toward the booing crowds and offered them a polite bow, and then returning to the side that was praising her, she offered another bow.

"Thank you, thank you. Ya'll been a wonderful crowed." She cried as picked one of two remaining buckets. "But like good things, this little show must come to a end. And I gotta say this sweet pea. You've been one hell of a sport." She said grinning toward Susan.

Susan did not trust herself to talk.

And with that being said, she picked up the final bucket, this was a lot heaver than the first. Then smiling softy she tipped the bucket over Susan. A thick flood of brown water, followed by a landslide of soft earth rolled from the bucket and onto the already soaked Susan.

Susan whimpered a little as she fudge colored mud rolled down upon her, the sour smell of the wet earth flooded her nose and make her gag a little. Slowly she closed her eyes and tried to block out what was going on. She had only one desire now, she wanted to get out of this pool and get cleaned up. This thought gave her strength to endure the second bucket of mud that was tossed over he head.

"Thank you!" Cried Grace as she tossed away the second bucket. "You've been a wonderful crowed." She called as she walked over to join her team.

Leaving Susan to brood as she stood up from the pool and slowly made her way toward the shower room. Right now, she wanted nothing more than to strangle that little witch with her own bare hands. She passed by her teammates without saying a word. She was just about to enter into the shower rooms when the Girls P.E teacher spotted her.

"Have a minute Susie Q?" She asked as she slowly made her way toward Susan.

"Sure.. Just gotta get this stuff off before it dries." She said rolling her shoulders, as she did so a few lumps of soft earth fell down, they landed at the tip of her bare feet with a loud splatter.

"Understood." The women said taking a deep breath. "I'll make this quick then." She said releasing her breath as she pushed Toward the girl. "Then you can get a shower, there plenty of soap and shampoo waiting for ya. And I'll see if I can't get ya a clean P.E Kit. Might be a size too small but. Better than nothing right?"

"Right." Susan said reaching up and brushing a few strings of her messed up hair out of her line of sight. "Not to rude or anything. But I really need to shower." She said trying to bring the conversation back on track.

"Of course." The P.E teacher said smiling. "Listen, right as you know, I'm a member of the 'Order of the Eastern Star' and well. Where going to holding a big charity fun raiser here soon. And well, one of the sisters proposed a charity gunge vote. I figured.. I could count on you." She said blushing a little as she rubbed the back of your neck. "Please.. I'll be sure to make sure your reward for your efforts if you get chosen." She said looking down on the ground.

Susan nodded her head. "Sure.. Its not like I'll have any social life left after this little event." Then her face brighten a little. "And its for charity right?" She inquired.

"One hundred percent of the money raised, is going directly the children's hospital. To cover things you know. Money to buy stuff like books, stuffed animals, puzzles and such."

"Cool.." Susan said. "Count me in I guess."

"Thanks honey." The P.E teacher said. "Now you go get cleaned up. And be sure to leave your dirty clothing outside the door. I'll be sure to get somebody to collect it. We have several washing machines and dryers in the field house. We'll get these good and dried for you."

Susan smiled a little. Better than last time.

The End.