The Halloween Carnival

The gymnasium was filled to the rafters with students of all grades and ages. All dressed in colorful costume. Dangling above there heads was card board cutouts of witch's and smiling jack o' lanterns. The soothing sound of a popular teen singer filled the air and added to the noise and confusion. Dozens and dozens of conversations filled the room.

Toward the center of the room, there stood a wooden frame box. The walls of the box where formed from four sheets of clear, hard plastic. A little stood had been placed in the center of the box. Above the stood there could be seen container holding some thirty gallons of thick, neon orange colored slime. Around the booth there could be found several large bales of hay. Bright rust colored pumpkin's with smiling faces carved into them rested easy upon the square bales.

In front of the booth, there could be seen a old card table. Resting upon the card table where four large gallon pickle jars. Taped to the front of the jars, where small index cards. Printed upon each card was a name of a student. One of them, written in a curving, bubble blue script was "Susan Elizabeth Mari Bell". This one jar held a treasure of silver coins and folded bills that dwarfed the small amount the other jars held.

Some fifty paces from this booth and table, there could be found another table. This one held a wide selection of sweets and finger foods. Plates filled with bat shaped sugar cookies and small finger sandwiches. Platters of sliced meats and cheeses. And at the center a small punch bowl filled to the brim with red fruit punch. It was around this bowl that a group of three girls had gathered. The youngest one, a small brown haired girl with pale pink eyes. It was upon this pink eyed girl that the eyes of the others seemed to rest.

"So Susan." One of the girls said. She was a slightly older girl, and was dressed in long black dress. Her long raven colored hair hung easy over her shoulders. Her sapphire blue eyes seemed to sparkle in the dim light of the room. "This is some party don't you think."

Susan blinked and blinked as she peered over her paper cup of punch. Smiling a little she took another sip. She was dressed in a red dress and white dress. The helm of the dress and puffy red sleeves where trimmed with white lace. White stocking provided a modesty. While black leather shoes with a slight heel provided a touch of tween class.

"Its kind of dull really." She said taking another sip of her punch. "Kind of looking for a big bad wolf to call my own." A deep, dark blush bloomed upon her high cheekbones. Halloween was the only holiday where one could take a vacation from themselves and become something they truly wished to be.

"it's a school sponsored event girl. Of course its going to be dull." Another girl said as she rolled her eyes. She wore a pastel pink princess dress, her long blonde hair was styled back and braid in a classic French braid. Long white gloves completed the outfit.

"You know, considering where a private Christine school, I'm surprised they even allowed us to have a Halloween Party. You know how strict Fr. Trent is about these things." The girl in the black dress said as she peered toward the other two. "Dude should give it a rest man. I hate serving with him. Everything has to by the letter."

"And are new groundskeeper." Susan said rolling her eyes. "Dude needs to chill, honesty he thinks the whole Pokemon Go game is about capturing and training cyber demons. I honesty heard him shouting at Fr. Trent about the threat these cyber demons pose."

A Chores of giggles filled the small meeting circle. Finally the laughter died down and the witch was the next to speak.

"You must be talking about old man Frank. Everybody knows he's a little off in the head. Some say he escaped from Bedlam." The witch said, dropping her voice a little. "I've also heard, he likes to collect things. I think the school gave him this job out of pity."

"Anyway." The Princess said taking a deep breath as she peered toward the booth. A low level white and gray fog was filling the room now. No doubt somebody had dropped a few pieces of dry ice into a bucket of water. Creating the illusion of a spooky fog had just drifted in.

"Anyway what? Finish your sentence Jennifer." Susan said as she peered toward the gray mist that was starting to fill the room. The smoke brought to mind those old late fifties horror movies her grandfather loved to watch. Things like "Dawn of Creature X" and "Fishman From Dump Lake" and her least favorite of all "The Headless Horseman IV".

"What's with jars and the booth." Jennifer said taking a deep breath as she pointed with her cup toward the booth and the little table. "There some names written on it. Like yours and Sarah's too." She said rolling her eyes. "Is it some cheerleading thing or something?"

Susan flushed a deep dark red as she peered toward Jennifer. Taking a deep breath to calm her beating heart, she quickly took a nice long sip from her cup of fruit punch. She frowned a little as she finished her cup, the punch was getting old and flat. She could tell that who ever provided it, had gone the el cheapo route.

"It's a fun raiser." Susan said finally. "That was on the conditions." Susan then shifted her eyes toward the princess. "Sarah, this was your idea, why don't you go ahead and tell the story. After all, it was you who cooked up this harebrain scheme."

Sarah took a deep breath and shook her head.

"The school board, was kind of iffy about us having a Halloween party. Since you know. Halloween has kind of a bad name. So to balance things out, I offered the idea of a gunge vote between the cheerleaders. All money raised going to charity. Susan, Lilly, Hope and Grace where kind enough and brave enough to put forth there names." Sarah said taking a deep breath. "They kind of got behind that idea, the gunge tank was built at the locale vocational center and our two school nurses agreed to watch over us."

"Speaking of nurses, here they come." Jennifer said taking a deep breath as she eyed two women slowly making there way toward them. The one on the right was a tall, raven haired women with deep blue eyes. She wore a vintage nurses dress. A white button down dress, a white apron was worn over the dress, white stocking and black leather oxford style shoes completed her look. Fitting the Halloween theme of the party, her nametag read "Black Heart".

To the left of her, was a smaller women, she had long, golden blonde hair and wore solid navy blue hair band. A simple blue and white dress hugged her slender frame. A blue coat rested easily on her slender shoulders. Snow white stockings and highly polished black leather shoes completed her costume. The golden hair women was the first one to speak.

"Good evening ghost and ghouls." She chirped as she smiled into each girls eyes. "I hope your enjoying this little party. Be sure to brush your teeth really good. After all, all that candy is band for your teeth. A little brushing and mouth washing between snacks, can help you avoid a painful visit to the dentist."

"Right.." The nurse said taking a deep breath. "Basically, me and Alice are here to keep you girls safe. And the boys too, where here to keep all the children safe." She said reaching over and patting Alice upon her head. "If you need anything. Nurse Alice here will take care of you. Remember if you start feeling sick, or if you feel light head. Come to us." She then gave the thumps up.

"And don't forget." Alice said taking a deep breath. "That Ciara and I will be telling who gets slimed at the end of the night. So keep your ears peeled." Alice was still pouting a little because Ciara had petted her hair like a small child. "The school has provided a use of the shower."

"And I've." Ciara butted into the conversation. "I've taken the liberty of collecting some soaps and shampoos for the unlucky girl. Also Alice here has kindly donated some spare clothing. I think.." She then held up a small, pink bag that had "Victorian Secrets" written in the center of it. The big, bold, silver colored letters, seemed to shimmer in the dim light and smoke.

"Ciara.. Did you really got Victorian Secrets.." Alice said taking a deep breath. "I mean you could have gone to the Disney Store." Alice pouted a little as she turned her face to hide her blushing cheeks. " They have this really nice Frozen bath set. I think the girl slimed would like Disney scented soap and shampoo."

Ciara took a deep breath and reached over and once more started to pet Alice on her head. For a good solid minute, she stood there as all three girls watched. All puzzled and slightly confused. Finally Ciara spoke up and said.

"Anyway, Alice provided a spare chance of clothing too." Signing she stopped her petting and narrowed her eyes toward a brown haired women, who was dressed as a knock off Harry Potter Character. "Anyway I need to make my rounds, before Professor Mary Sue here starts her bitching." She blushed and rolled her eyes. "Forget I said that girls. Anyway enjoy the party and look for me to call out a name in a hour or so."

Everybody just stood there, there eyes fixed on Ciara, with a cool grace, she stepped away, her hips swaying with ever step she took. As she passed the "Professor Mary Sue" She shot her a glare, the glare was returned and for a minute, all four of the girls swore they saw spark's flying between the two.

"Meow" giggled Susan as she watched Ciara walk away. She was sure, if the women was a cat, her tail will be bristling right now and the fur on her back would be standing straight up. Alice just stood there, peering toward Ciara with a worried look upon her face. "Anyway, you girls go enjoy yourself." She said smiling a little.

"I gotta go take care of Ciara before she knocks the braces off of girl.." And with that Alice skipped off. Leaving Susan, Jennifer and Sarah along. A sudden hushed silence fell over the three girls as they exchanged nerviness looks. The white smoke, for the most party had cleared away. And people one by one or two by two where leaving the gym. Beside dancing and talking with friends, there was honesty not much else to do.

"I think its time to go." Jennifer said taking a deep breath. "Unless you guys want to stick around and see who gets chosen for the gunge vote."

"I think its time to go." Sarah said looking at the thinning crowd. "I have the latest "Somerset Adventure" Sarah said smiling a little. "It's a real nail bitter this time. Sunflower and Rachel go exploring a old girl guide camp. One that haunted by huge spiders!" Sarah said in a chirping tone of voice.

"Sarah.. Have you ever thought about finding another manga to read?" Jennifer said taking a deep breath as she rolled her head. "You know something cute yet still retains elements of the supernatural, like 'Card Capture Sakura' or 'School at Ghost stories' those are both light hearted, yet have elements of Japanese supernatural lore woven into the plots." Jennifer said smiling.

"Nah," Sarah said grinning. "I like the 'Somerset Adventures' there kind of neat. Pity the dude who writes them has only produced like six all together I think. The latest one 'Blistering the Acolyte' was lacking when compared to his first one 'A Venture down Hemlock Lane'."

"Whatever." Jennifer said rolling her eyes. "You can keep your 'Somerset Adventures' and I will keep my 'Card Capture Sakura'." Jennifer said, sticking out her bright pink tongue out.

"You guys are so cute when you start picking on each other." Susan said smiling a little. "I think there both nice, but you gotta give credit to the author. 'The Somerset Adventures' are wonderful, there a certain element of 'Spice and Wolf' to them. I mean, you can tell the story is set in the middle ages and in Europe. I mean honest the all powerful 'Church' mentioned in the book is the Roman Catholic Church." Susan said with a little roll of her eyes as she folded her arms under her budding breast.

"Shut up Susan." Sarah said taking a deep breath. "You only started reading the series when they came out with a story about the main character getting covered in applesauce." Sarah said poking out her cheeks. "I remember your ears stayed red for a week or so."

Susan closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Anyway, speaking of gunge votes, it looks like there starting to count the money." Jennifer said pointing toward a team of four teachers hard at working counting out stacks of bills, and separating coins and such. "I think its going to be you Sue, last time I checked, your jar was half full."

"Hah," Susan said shaking her head. "There not going to gunge me. There honesty going to gunge one of those senior cheerleaders. They always do in the stories."

"Your forgetting girl." Jennifer said taking a deep breath. "That the odds are honesty not in your favor. People have been tossing there spare pocket change, left, right and center into your little jar."

"Yep." Sarah said taking a deep breath. "Face it girl, your becoming a wanted girl. Having lunch at the country club, going all uptown. People want to see you brought down a peg or two. And lets be real here, nobody's going to vote for one of the popular, senior cheerleaders. There the queens of this school."

Susan blinked and blinked again. The teachers where now writing down a series of numbers on a dozen or so lose leaf sheets of paper. Each second that seemed to tick by, loudly proclaimed her doom. Blushing a deep, dark red. Susan made the sign of the holy cross over her and whispered a prayer.

"Going to need that sweet peat." Jennifer said reaching over and wrapping her friend in a one arm hug. "Cause there about to call the name, and by the looks of things. It might be you, or it might be Maggie Burns."

"I hope that little bitch.." Sarah said. "Margret Burns, thinks so she so hot and it. Little rotten uptown girl. Somebody needs to knock her jaw off."

"Attention. Attention ladies and gentleman." Alice said taking a deep breath as walked up and took the mike. Her loud, chirping tone of voice drowned out the music and the chatter. "I'm pleased to informal everybody, that together we raised some two hundred dollars for the children's wing of River Regional."

A few offered a few token clasps.

"Now, I would like to call on stage." Alice said grinning as one of the drummers offered a little drum roll. "Susan Elizabeth Mari Bell. Come up girl." Alice called out as she walked over to the tank and opened the door.

Susan blinked and blinked again. A sudden deep blush colored her cheeks, as she pushed her way through the crowd. The crowd parted for her and soon she found herself standing in the very center of the floor. All eyes where fixed on her, she could feel them. Still blushing, she eased passed Alice and gently made her way into the clear plastic booth. She could feel her heart thumping loudly in her chest.

"Don't worry." Alice said looking over her shoulder. "I've brought a spare set of clothing for you to wear." She said gently closing the plastic door behind her. Then taking the mike in her hand, she shouted.

"Okay ladies and gentleman. Once are guest takes her seat, I'm going to pull the cord and release a waterfall of orange slime down upon her pretty little head." She said walking over and taking the cord in her hand, grinning like a mad women, she wrapped her slender fingers around the cord. "On the count of three."

"One!" Shouted the small crowd of people who had gathered around the tank. "Two!" They shouted again, there voices growing louder as a handful of seconds ticked away. And finally a ear splitting "Three!"

Susan closed her eyes and hunched her shoulders back as she took a deep breath. Then it hit her, a sudden down pour of freezing cold sludge, came rolling down upon her shoulders. The thick, creamy messy clung to her shoulders. Her hair took the full brunt of the assault, her perfectly curled brown hair, become a soggy mess. For one solid minute, the downpour continued soaking her to the very bone. Finally, it slowed to a few little drops.

"Wow." Alice said blinking as she peered toward the now orange coated Susan. "I must say, orange is not your color. Pink would look much better on you, or maybe red, not green." Alice mused.

Susan pouting a fearsome pout, She reached up and cleared some of the slime from her eyes. Taking a deep breath she flicked her hands. "What ever!" She said before giving her eyes a quick roll. Then she started to break into a fit of giggles. The madness of it all! Getting slimed again, well at least it been for a worthy cause.

The End.