I've been looking out the window.

Hoping for something to move

Like a rabbit or a doe.

Waiting for something to live for

Forever and be committed.

Looking for something to be greater that

Has me submitted.

And then I realize

That all I need is Him.

All I need is Him and no one else

Whether or not a I move my limb,

The Holy Spirit is moving so graceful

And lovely better than a swan.

Brighter than the sun rising

In the dawn.

Even when I can't move,

Even when I can't breathe a day,

Jesus had, has, and will have my heart

And make the feelings go away.

So even if I cry out,

And the pain becomes too much.

Jesus, You have me.

My soul, my life, and all that I have and touch.

Let the world bow to You.

We are unworthy to stand.

Undeserved to have Your Love

And therefore we fall before You in a band.