The Sleep Over

Mary's parents left on a romantic weekend, leaving their 16-year-old daughter on her own. Mary's folks had taken overnight trips before because Mary was a responsible good kid and her progressive parents didn't think twice about leaving her home alone.

Mary's parents trusted her so much, in fact, that they let her friends spend the night. Mary invited me to hang out for the evening and when I heard Chrissy was joining Mary, Angie, and Janie, I was in!

Chrissy was a big deal soccer player, Angie was good at softball, and Janie was the brain of the group. I was a year ahead of them (a senior at Hillsboro High) but I knew them fairly well because of Mary. They were nice girls but my focus was on running track and cross country and hanging out with my pals.

I also had my own girlfriend - Nicole Wilbur – at least until a few weeks ago when she dumped me - and Mary was extra nice to me after the break up. I was good pals with Mary's older brother Rob who was now off at college and I think Mary thought she was supposed to fill in for her brother and be my pal during my sad times.

Mary lived in a big house in the upper middle class neighborhood of Hilltop with plenty of creature comforts, including Rob's gym in the cellar so I didn't mind hanging out there since I lived in a small downtown apartment with my widowed mother.

I had known Mary forever. She was a sweet kid and I'm sure she had a crush on me at one time or another. We were friendly and we were now sort of kindred spirits with Rob gone. Angie and Janie were fun and cute but it was Chrissy I had been attracted to the most when I got to know the three friends over the years. Now that I was single, maybe I should ask her out.

I had pizza with the girls. There was plenty of joking around and goofiness as I was sort of the big man on campus being with them on this night. Later, the girls adjourned to Mary's' room to continue their gabfest. I put on a pair of gym shorts and headed for the cellar gym for some quality time on the treadmill. It was the middle of winter and with the cold and ice outside the treadmill was an alternate means of keeping in shape during the off season.

There was a huge built-in bar in the cellar and after a while the girls showed up to raid the frig and see if there was any extra booze stashed down there.

"Can we watch?" Chrissy giggled when she saw me stretching on one of the large mats in the corner of the room, sounding genuinely interested which made me feel special and the others giggled.

"I'm sure you guys have better things to do than to watch me," I replied, hoping to sound self-deprecating when I was actually flattered by the attention.

"Not really," Chrissy admitted.

"Well, whatever floats your boat," I said with a shrug, pretending not to care when I was actually secretly thrilled.

I went through my usual stretching routine which included sitting with my legs spread wide leaning toward each leg and then in the middle between them stretching out.

"Hey, I think I got a glimpse of your balls sack," Janie exclaimed from where the four girls were standing by the bar watching me stretch.

I was wearing running shorts with an inner lining and I wondered if she really did get a shot of that part of me through the loose legging or if she was just being humorously perverted. Angie giggled and Chrissy blushed. I should have been embarrassed but strangely I found myself kind of hoping maybe she did see something!

"You want me to get these sickos out of here?" Mary asked.

"We're his fan club!" Angie laughed.

The girls stayed at the bar until I got on the treadmill at which time they returned to Mary's room, but not before giving me some catcalls as they left. I good naturedly waved at them as they went up the stairs.

After running for a good forty five minutes, I headed upstairs to shower. I went into the bathroom and stripped off my sweaty shorts and t-shirt, having changed out of my street clothes in Rob's room where I left them.

I closed the shower door behind me and I started lathering up when I heard the bathroom door open. Luckily, it was a frosted shower door and being steamed up in there whoever had entered the bathroom probably saw little more than my silhouette through the door. Whoever was out there must have liked what they saw because after the door closed (quietly, of course), I heard a roar of screaming laughter in the hallway.

"What's going on out there?" I yelled.

I poked my head out of the shower stall just as Mary shoved her head through the bathroom door (I could see the others behind her craning their necks for a glimpse).

"Nothing," Mary said innocently before closing the door to more shrieks and laughter.

I turned off the shower spray, shaking the water from my head before stepping out onto the bathmat that wasn't there. I almost fell on the slippery floor.

"What the hell?"

I looked around to grab a towel before realizing that Mary had taken all the towels (including the bathmat). There was nothing for me to dry off with or cover myself up with – and they had taken my smelling gym clothes with them too!

Dripping wet, I stepped to the door and shouted Mary's name. I heard her footsteps approach the door as well as the footsteps of the others behind her.

"What do you want?" Mary sweetly asked through the door.

"I need a towel," I barked. "Would you kindly hand me one through the door?"

"You'll have to come out and get it yourself!" Mary said in a sing-song voice.

There was a roar of giggles erupting behind her.

"You sure you want me to that?" I challenged her dare.

"No, don't," I heard Chrissy plead with panic in her voice.

"Let's see if he does!" Angie said with excitement.

"He won't come out," Janie decided.

I heard the linen closet door open and a moment later the bathroom door handle began to twist. I stood flat against the door facing it as it opened a crack. Despite the protests of the others, Mary passed a towel through the thin opening and I reached out and I tried to pull it from Mary but she wouldn't let go. The door was now being forced into me as the others pushed against it, hoping for a better look.

In the mirror, I could see all three of Mary's friends leaning against the door trying to sneak a peek. At best, all they could only see my face. I thought about calling their bluff and simply stepping back and letting the door fly open and allow the girls to see what they wanted to see but just then Mary let go of the towel in my hand and she pulled the door closed. I heard the girls groan and protest.

"Thank you, Mary!" I shouted. "And I hope the rest of you enjoyed the show!"

More giggles and some clapping followed but I was pretty sure none of them saw anything of relevance.

After toweling myself off, I dried my hair and then wrapped the towel around my waist and I opened the bathroom door, heading for Rob's bedroom, passing Mary's door along the way. I stopped in the doorway and looked at the girls sitting on the floor chatting away. They looked at me, directing more catcalls my way as I stood there wrapped only in the beige towel.

"Is this what you were hoping for?" I grinned, turning my back toward them.

"Show us some more!" Angie dared.

So I called her bluff and I dropped the towel, giving them a full view of my naked ass.

I heard several screams and laughs as I quickly darted into Rob's room and closed the door behind me. I stood naked with my back against the door with my heart pounding in my chest listening to them roar with delight.

I'm not sure why I mooned them like that but I couldn't take it back now.

"More, more!"

"Come back!"

"I didn't see! Do it again!"

I smiled, confident that I had made their night and I stepped toward the bed still naked to put on the clothes I had left earlier while listening to the roars and catcalls that suddenly stop cold, followed by whispers and giggles.

Then I heard the closet door in Rob's room shut and I realized one of them had been in here the whole time and had probably seen all of me. I approached the closet and slid the rolling door open, stepped inside, and shut the door behind me.

I heard a gasp beside me and in that tight of a space, I could actually feel the mystery guest's body next to mine!

"Who's that standing next to me?" I asked forcefully.

"It's me," a voice meekly whispered.

I recognized it as Chrissy and I was thrilled to learn it was her.

"Why are you here?"


"Did you have a good view?"

"Sorry about that," she squeaked softly. "But they put me up to it. I lost our little dare."

"I was hoping you'd say you won the dare," I said lightly.

I heard her stifle a laugh.

"Well, you had your fun," I said. "You can go now."

"Um, I'd rather not leave," she said softly.

"Why not?" I asked, hoping she might say 'because I like what I see!'

"I'm in my underwear," Chrissy informed me.

"I don't mind," I let her know teasingly. You've already seen much more of me."

"Please," she begged timidly and I was afraid she was going to start crying.

"Wait," I said, taking pity on her and reaching behind me. "Rob's bathrobe might be in here. You can wear it."

"No, that'll just get me in trouble with them," she sighed.

"Tell you what, Chrissy," I said with mercy. "I'll open the door and I'll turn around so that I can't see you when you leave."

"No, fair is fair," she decided. "Open the door and I'll go out the way I'm supposed to."

I felt her arm brush along my side. She must have had them folded in front of her and I had kept my arms that way too but now I could feel her body against mine in the dark.

"You're still naked," she realized with surprise.

"I am," I confirmed

I heard her muffle a gasp. "Oh my."

"You should go before the others come looking for you."

With that, I slid the closet door open. Chrissy let out a startled scream when the light spilled into the closet and she saw up close what she wasn't supposed to see. I caught her glancing down before she stepped past me, tossing a look back and stealing her eyes down to my dick one last time. I didn't mind.

I watched her cute body as she walked toward the bedroom door in her panties and bra. Chrissy was a petite girl but she was well developed and she had a firm body. I admired her cute little rear end nestled snuggly against the back of her panties and I imagined what she looked like uncovered.

Just as she reached the door, Chrissy stopped and turned toward me. "Thank you," the blushing red faced girl mouthed, looking me straight in the eyes and then she opened the door just enough to squeeze through and she closed it behind her.

I stepped out of the closet and listened to the hooting and hollering in the next room. I threw on my clothes and after a few minutes, I emerged from Rob's room, stood in the doorway of Mary's room and bowed as the four girls showered me with applause, the red-faced Chrissy's sounding the loudest. I looked at her and lifted my eyebrows up and down, acknowledging what she had seen. The others roared with approval.