Preparing For The (Im)possible


Life has many surprises.

Within a moment the rails of norm can be de-railed.

Everything you know destroyed in an instant.

The warm mundane days brought to an end.

However this is untrue for us.

Upon us the gears of change shall leave no mark.

We shall prepare for all possibilities!

Possibility 01: Pilot Training

"URRGGHH! I...feel….sick..." I mutter weakly. My hands and waist are restrained to a swivel chair. My thigh length skirt and long brown hair flutter as the swivel chair completes another revolution. The chair that I am tied to is suspended a metre in the air by rope attached to a crank. A giant man easily exceeding two metres is turning the crank and spinning me around in mid air.

"How pathetic!" A slim build teenage boy wearing a lab coat over his school uniform shouts. "You've only been going for thirty minutes!" He pulls an elaborate pose whilst brushing the fringe of his white hair out of his eyes. "When evil aliens invade and threaten our planet with destruction and the only salvation is the Mega Robot that you just happen to be the only available pilot for. How do you plan on handling the G-forces of Unit-08 when you can't even stand thirty minutes of this?"

"But Jun-san, that will never happe..."

"STOP!" The lab coat teen, Jun, yells whilst holding his palm towards my face. "How can you be sure it will NEVER HAPPEN!? FOR ALL YOU KNOW THE SUN COULD BURN OUT THIS EVENING! YOU COULD RUN INTO YOUR SOULMATE WHILST TURNING A CORNER WITH A PIECE OF BREAD IN YOUR MOUTH! LISTEN MOON, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! And it is our job as members of the Prep-Club to be prepared for every eventuality!"

But I'm not even a member of the Prep-Club. You just grabbed me and took me here.

"And one more thing, Moon," Jun grabs the arms of the chair and holds me still.

Also my name isn't Moon.

"You shall cease calling me Jun. What would I do if someone managed to get hold of a book that killed anyone who had their name written in it!?" He questions.

"That...ain't...gonna...happen..." I declare.

"I told you, Moon. We're a group that prepares for every eventuality. Saying something isn't going to happen is the type of thing that forces karma's hand."

"You're making no sense!" I yell back.

"HMPH! One day Moon you'll look back at today and thank me." Jun nods to himself in satisfaction. I highly doubt his claim though. "Lets continue the training, Tower!" He motions to the big guy.

"Yes, Magician," The crank starts turning with me going with it.

"NNNNOOOOOOO!" My hell resumes.

Author notes

Well this is just going to be something I write when short on time just for a laugh don't expect an update pattern. Whenever you do or don't notice a reference feel free to point it out.