A day can rise or fall

In the breath of God.

And He shall lead me through

With His Shepard rod.

He is Great.

And He is powerful.

And He there for mein the

Hour that's dull.

So I push through the bricks,

And claw through to see the Light.

And push on with Him

By my side to the more hardest fights.

And so I will stand,

Without shame.

And be the defender of the Faith

And worshiper of His Name.

I won't just dream,

But I will climb up those mountains.

For everything with God is possible

So don't you sop countin'

On anyone else who offers you worldly

Treasures that prevent you from heaven.

And I'm not even worried because my God

Is the One and the Only who can save me eight to seven.

And I'll be out of life for good

When He says the time is up

Because I'm not worthy to, but

I will carry my cross and give God His cup.

And if He isn't giving up on me

And therefore

I'm not giving up on Him and His Grace

And I'll be walking through the pearly gate doors.

So tell me Lord,

Give me the strength to persevere bleakness

Because You're the Only One Who can

Because you as filled with awesomeness.