I prayed in the local priory. This priory served as a safe place. For the faithful and Grassniht's of Christ. Centuries ago christian monks came to Irongrass. Our emblem is the golden cross. I'm just a grassquire. They say that god loves everybody even zikorcs such as myself.

My master even said my kin may be raiders. However I was chosen for a more righteous path. Indeed I'm an orphan but god is my father and shield. After being content with my prayers a picked up my wooden sword and shield. I went to the training ground in the garden. My friends and three only squires. Practiced our order is still small and pagans are still the dominant.

"Gruekall" Matilda smiled. She asked if I wanted to spar as Martin and Godfrey we're sparring each other. I nodded Matilda lifted her wooden spear. Matilda moved fast I parried as best I could. I swung my sword landing soft blows. "Very good you four" Our knight captain Marcus said proudly. We all knelt down in respect. Hawise my master walked out and smiled warmly at me.

" Indeed I see a unicorn, dwarf, zikorc, and a human" priory Hans said. "However you all are brothers and sisters in the eyes of the lord". We all gave praise in truth our order is small. Only fifty grassniht's and fifty grassquires. Our master's content with trainging said we could eat.

All four of us smiled at each other. Today was a good day.