Behind Closed Doors , Nobody asked Why

Wasn't bullied at school

Was class clown

Always seemed to goof around

Grades ok

And they all parade


slowly changes happened

Color ink to black

Shot sleeves to long

Smiling was there

Pain in eyes just lasted to long

But nobody could tell because of the mask

The first year was over

still wore the sweater

Still had many friends

Inside hoped it would end

another year passed

Couldn't take it much more

You never know what happens behind closed doors

Red tipped meatle

Had the guts

To finally do what never could be done

Smile through the pain

That's how the child died

The day of the funeral everyone cried

Sat above heaven every tear matching as they whined

But then the heart became cold

Got up to go

Because they never even cared to ask why

So if this poem struck reality inside of you

To realize what goes on

Try to help someone

Don't leave them alone

Be careful what you say

Because someone will pay

The price

So is this a true story or not

A girl or a boy

Sorry can't tell

I know I shouldn't toy

But I think you can figure out the missing pieces

So go ahead and try

And always have the guts to ask why