It's so difficult when you believe so wholey in a cause,

and you campaign your ass off for it

because it's an issue or a charity or something

that you care for a lot

and than a bunch of idiots come and hijack it.

They have all the wrong reasons for supporting you.

They don't know the facts

but they're helping you gain support

and it's not like you can get rid of them

but they give the opposition to oppose

because when they ask for a reason not to

they can't hear you over all the hijackers.

All they hear are the wrong reasons

the stupid reasons,

the reasons that turn feminist equality into feminazi cancer

that turns SJW into a joke

and triggered into a meme

and Harambe a reason to whip your dick out.

That make the American Presidential Election process fun in the way the shouldn't be

and terrifying in a way I wish they weren't

That make you either scared to death of your fellow human

or remix the meme until you can't tell which is the original.

If you want to argue about something.

If you want to get behind something.

Please, I beg, the nation begs.