At first glance it doesn't seem like a particularly interesting human world. It's not an alternate Earth; never was, it doesn't have a strange highly advance past, or anything of that nature. If anything this world has remained virtually the same for thousands of years…although going by myth and legend it seems there was an age of magical upheaval or something prior to sentient life being on this planet. Now this world made up of several continents, deserts, forests, mountains, and so on. This world is populated by numerous sentient races, humans tend to be the big town and city builders, elves, faeries, harpies, naga, slimes, nymphs, dryads, and so on and so on all across the world. The reason for this is because this world has numerous (Transverse Points); dimensionally unstable locations that may randomly grab one or more living beings from random worlds with similar locations. Because of this people of various types may find themselves in some random wilderness suddenly being enslaved, attacked, ect… as some humans and others have figured out where the most active points are (this is a more recent development as there are many races here that have spread out over thousands of years).

Now this world also has "Fiends" which are in fact Mystic Monsters which appear via portals and also Mystic Dungeons appear on this world. Which confuses matters considering the random inter-dimensional creatures which may also appear (the transverse points also grab creatures from between universes and sub-universes…the whole thing feels very mystically artificial like some strange experiment in random life sampling). New creatures or beings may end up being regarded as monsters; and humans especially regard many of the races on this world as "monsters" while the Mystic Monsters hold the title of "Fiends" given their whole exploding into blue flames and showing only aggressive behavior with seldom any intelligence.

To confuse matters even more there are active dimensional gates here, said to be ancient relics, among numerous mystical artifacts, some known as Claire Artifacts which are said to change the very course of history; legends of gods sealed away, ancient horrors sealed away. This world really feels like a magical dumping ground yet has the day to day stuff is perfectly natural. In fact for humans especially "magic" is held by the Secret Schools, adventurer parties tend to sparse in some areas which have a "Champion" and military to deal with the Fiends monsters. More often they are called "hunters" who do Hunter's Guild jobs regarding Fiend infestation or troublesome "monsters".

However there are "contaminated zones". Areas which humans tend to forbid for one another to enter, as they are saturated in a particular form of magic; such as the Land of the Undead or The Valley of Elementals. In all around the world there are ten major zones of this type, from which some of the most dangerous races and creatures are said to have spread *its believed the strongest Transverse Points are in these places while all the rest are like dimensional strained points caused by them.

1: Land of the Undead: (populated by undead horrors, undead tend to migrate towards this place, and Necromancy is taught here.) It is said humans actually do inhabit this place, worshipping and working with the nightmares here. It is a bleak place where sunlight barely shines, filled with toxic springs and bubbling purple tar pits; how any humans can live here is a mystery.

2: The Valley of the Elementals: A lush country surrounded by icy mountains and a fiery catacomb beneath it. Very hard to reach, and said to be home to elemental beings living peacefully with one another.

3: The Shadow Mountains: Mountains of utter darkness, home to creatures of darkness and shadow; including strange dragon like beasts with tentacle like bodies and many eyes.

4: The Desert of Nothing: A flat stone/metal like plane, disturbing to look at. Any living thing that touches the surface here is turned to stone or metal and quickly crumbles away, the dust absorbed by the ground. The only none flat surface here is a strange crystal palace at the center which only appears during winter when the surface changes to a glass like crystal or ice. At which time the surface can be traveled on without instant death. It is said a treasure awaits those who can make it to the palace; however its during this time that strange creatures seemingly made of prismatic light and floating crystals appear.

5: The Timeless Land: Not so much a location on Homnes as it is reached via a gate that has very specific requirements to pass through. Time it is said does not pass normally inside this place. It is home to elves, dragons, and other strange beings.

6: The Heavenly Abode: A large floating island that stays over the sea most of the year, only crossing land at the equinoxes (but not always the same land). It is surrounded in clouds and turbulent wings. It is said to be home to marble palaces and lush gardens. Populated only by birds. Some believe the Harpies originated from the Transverse Point that travels with this place. Some strange creatures can be found in the clouds around it such as flying giant white and silvery eels.

7: Tunnel of Madness: A red crystal walls tunnel. Doesn't seem like much, however as one goes down they can see the crystals reflecting their own sins, and deeper still they hear moans and cries and see apparitions in the crystals screaming in horror and yelling for them to go back. No one has ever journey any deeper and not come back completely mad.

8: Island of the Sorceress: A small island just off shore of the country of Goldonia; nothing here really but a large labyrinthine black stone castle. However it is summer around this island all year long and those that have gone there speak of strange shadows moving about the place, odd puzzle contraptions that can re-set themselves, doors and windows that seem to show places not of Homnes, and other oddities (such as rooms bigger on the inside, rooms where one can walk on the walls and ceiling, upside down stair cases). There are fruit bearing trees in the garden that bear fruit all year long and seem to regenerate it when its picked, never rotting on the tree or falling on their own. There was one person who claimed a massive bathhouse with magically cleansing water could be found near the center; but is nearly impossible to get to. The island got its name as one man trying to map the island claims that he got close to the bathhouse, just on the other side of some stone arches he couldn't fit through and was surprised to find several women bathing nude there. He claimed they were clearly sorceresses and he was nearly killed trying to escape after being found out.

9: The Dark Whirlpool: A place far out in the ocean, it is a hole yet the water does not flow down into it. It is like an indention like the water decides right here to ignore normal physics and just forms its surface along the walls as it would facing the right way up. Nothing seems odd about the gravity for those who have swam down along the sides; however they say they refuse to swim much further down as there is a strange music playing in the water that seems to be coming from deep below. One explorer using magic found that the hole extends down below the sea floor with no bottom in sight. One "brave" adventurer thought to climb down from the point where it meets the sea floor (thanks to a hired magician's magic getting him down that far). However as it turns out about six feet down from the sea floor level the stone wall vanishes and as of yet no one knows what is on the other side past that point (as the adventurer fell into the side as one would fall down and vanished completely), or what is at the bottom.

10: The Seal of Shabhigdra: A mountain where nothing lives. It is said an ancient horror was sealed inside the mountain by the goddess of the moon. It is believed the mountain is hollow and inside is a massive dark portal holding the eldritch abomination prisoner.