I stared out of the high arched window towards the white capped green of the waves below. Their crashing against the rocks was amplified a hundred times over by the cylindrical shape of the tower. I watched as a lone dolphin did acrobatics in the scattered moonlight causing ripples to cascade outwards. Inhaling deeply, the salt and sea spray burned my nostrils and exploded on my tongue.

I longed to be out there, to be free to move like the dolphin. To be able to glide in and out of the sea swiftly and silently. My hands tightened around the wheels of my chair. I ached in a way I had never ached before. Every fiber of every muscle in my body wanted to be that dolphin and not confined to my chair. I closed my eyes and shook my head, wishing to dispel my thoughts. I felt that I was being ungrateful as I was lucky to even be sitting there.

Yet, when I opened them again, I was no longer in my chair or my tower. I was where I had previously seen the dolphin. I turned my head around to find fins and a tail where my arms and legs. I tried to laugh in excitement and shock but all that came out was a series of chirps and whistles. I tested my new body, swishing my tail this way and that, performing leaps and twists that I had never thought possible..

I played until the sun broke over the horizon. Knowing instinctively that my newfound freedom was at an end, I swam as fast as I could in the opposite direction, trying desperately to escape. It didn't take long for the sunlight to engulf me, however, and once I felt it's scorching touch, I was back in my chair by the window. I am still there most days, reliving my period of freedom and fingering the dolphin shaped charm that I had found in my pocket once back in my tower. I still believe myself to be ungrateful at times but now I have something to distract myself with and remember forever.