Queen Malice Leaf had just founded her own kingdom. The youngest daughter of Godwine and Beatrix. She had ten hides of land and three hundred grassmilitia and twelve grassniht's. Yet she needed another source of income, power, and prestige. An agent a clone of herself bowed in respect. "My lady we have a potential vassal". Queen Malice read the note. It's was an invitation to Lady Zara OtalSpaz.

" I will go myself ready the transportation mirror". She walked with her clone grassnihts in tow. The coordinates were shown in the mirror. Queen Malice arrived in Zara's mead hall. Everyone jumped. However Zara being a veteran mercenary fighting alongside Malice Leaf's. " Ah queen Malice what an entrance" Zara clapped. For the next seven minutes they talked small talk. Trade and safety of caravans. Zara walked in tow with Malice showing her farmstead. Zara owned dozens of cattle, chickens, horses, and other farmstead animals.

The lady of Otal Holm had ten warriors and one grassniht. Along with a watchtower and a mill. "Everything's in order you'd make a fine dulkaron". Malice then pulled out a small banner of a black rose with purple vines. "From henceforth you are Dulkaron Zara Otalspaz vassal of myself Queen Malice". Zara then kissed the ring and a small garrsion was transported to bolster Zara's safety and security. A tax collector was also sent. Malice was proud of herself she had made the first of many svordvin's (courtiers) and Dulkarons.

The End :)