Not a particularly outstanding magically enhanced human world. It doesn't have a bunch of other races that live beside mankind, more akin to medieval fairy tales and folklore of monsters and faeries and such hidden on mystical islands, enchanted forests, and so on. The human societies vary by country in regards to technological and magical development. Some areas focus on alchemy, some sciences, some areas are downright Steam Punk in appearance with alchemy and sorcerers mixed in here and there. One country has its Seven Dragon Knights who are empowered by ancient orbs, others various artifacts and magical devices. The ruins found about this world imply an ancient mystical past, but there are no signs it was ever a united power or had ever previously reached any heightened level of technology; implying these ruins display individual kingdoms that rose in power and were decimated by the very power they sought.

In the end of the day this world in its current setting is something akin to the Victorian/Feudal/Medieval/Steam Punk/Fairy Tale wilderness depending on the location.