Congratulations, you win.

Welcome to the nightmare of your life.

Verse 1

It starts as a simple dream,

A blue ocean worth sailing,

She sees beauty in waves where danger lurks.

Intoxicating viper,

Danced to the tune of piper,

He commands her to bare her fangs, she harks.

Verse 2

So she jumps right off the cliff,

That fated night of eclipse,

Into cold waves that fly like carefree clouds.

Singing the dirgeful ghost score,

Of rivals who breathe no more,

Surpassed solely by her laughter so loud.


And now the horrors begin,

Welcome to the nightmare called your life.


There's no such thing as too much,

Or so you used to think,

Before you drowned in his touch,

And eons passed in a blink.

Addicted to virulence,

Slave to your desire,

You lost yourself, your senses,

You burned inside his fire.

He became your universe,

Your old world slowly died-

Trapped in such sweet disguised curse,

The hell you called paradise.

Centuries later you woke,

You glanced at a mirror,

The glass shattered, and you broke,

Every known thing was too far.

You can't recognize yourself,

Can't find a helping hand,

Damaged, alone, with no help,

You finally understand.

Outro (Soprano)

You cannot build your own castle

Out of the debris

Of someone else's shattered dreams.

You cannot find your fairy-tale

Drenched in such hubris

And deaf to other's piercing screams.

Time will claim whatever you owe,

There is no escape,

No forgiveness for such cruelty.

You must stand still, accept the blow,

As it hits your nape,

And finally sets your soul free.