Chapter 5

They never did make it to lunch. Beth feasted on multiple orgasms and Jeff consumed every inch of her in their prolonged hours of lovemaking. Beth hadn't had sex like this since her younger college days and she wasn't sure if she could take much more of it as Jeff's stamina carried them through the afternoon. When their passion finally dissipated, the two lovers lay side by side on her bed trying to find their collective breaths. Beth looked at Jeff and Jeff looked at her and they both started laughing, as if on cue.

"Wow," was all Jeff could think to say.

"Yeah," Beth grinned, feeling younger than she had ever felt before.

"You were amazing," he said.

"Thanks," she smiled.

"I don't think I had any idea what good sex was really all about until today," he admitted.

The intensity of their newly discovered sex lives reminded Beth that she was a sexually liberated woman newly engaged in a profoundly emotional relationship with a man fifteen years her junior.

"Am I officially your boyfriend now?" Jeff wanted to know.

"Yes," she announced. "I'm your cougar."

"I'm glad I followed my heart," Jeff said, cuddling her close.

"I've always been skittish about romance but I think I'm finally happy," Beth realized, wanting to dance naked across the bedroom.

She would always have reservations and doubts, of course. The children issue would likely come up sooner rather than later. She didn't want him committing to her if he was thinking of having three or four kids. She wasn't even sure if she could manage one if they could even agree on that – and it would have to be…today if it was going to happen.

But Beth didn't need to think about all of that right now – no one's future can be captured in definitive terms and it was okay to not know right now because all she cared about was Jeff. She was tired of being skeptical about love, listening to her divorced boss lamenting about lost love and ruined love and forgotten love and ugly love and angry love and bitter love. Nor did she want to think about Dead Dan's hurtful love.

Lying naked next to Jeff in her bed, Beth understood that love was best left undefined and free flowing without worrying about unknown endings and just appreciating being together without taking it for granted. The sex was amazing and Beth realized how comfortable she was about her body now – even more so than when she was younger.

"It's because both of you are in your sexual primes," Ali later explained. "You're an excellent match for each other!"

As their relationship developed, Jeff proved that he was willing to experiment and Beth discovered that she was willing to really let go and show him a side of herself she had forgotten about a long time ago. As Beth continued to learn about her love for Jeff, she also found a new love for herself, letting go of past regrets and failures and enjoying what she had now.

In truth, it was an ageless connection and Beth had finally figured out who she was by coming to terms and accepting her own truths and what she wanted out of life. She knew it was about self-awareness and confidence. Her age was nothing more than a mindset and she didn't mind Jeff's new pet nickname for her: Cougar