Are we the ones

To do His will?

Aren't we the ones

That He sent His Son down to die?

Are we the ones

That He rescued?

Aren't we the ones,

That He loved forever with no until?

So give your praise

And give Him the glory.

Give Him the honor

And spread His story.

Are you here for Him

Or are you a rebel?

Didn't He ever so love the world

That He would sacrifice any pebble?

Isn't He the one that

Loves the little ones through the old?

Shouldn't we be the ones

To be willing to fold?

So give Him the fire

Of our souls.

And bow down to the one

Who holds the bowls.

Clap your hands and

Bounce on your feet.

Let your flames ignite

And your worship come out.

Glory to the King we sing

And we shout!