For too long in the short time

That we have we have been

Letting Satan lead his darkness

And win again and again.

Does it not concern you

That we have not seen a Satanic church?

Or much less a Christian being strung

Up to die on a cross made from birch?

Where has the devil gone?

Why does he pull his forces back now?

These are questions we must ask for no

Longer does the wolf growl in the night for the cow.

Jesus has not come back yet

And therefore the fallen angel is still amongst us.

Does that strike a nerve

Or at the minimum make you curious?

If we fought hard, wouldn't the enemy

Retaliate with everything that he had?

So why is it that we find no traces of the enemy

When we preach or talk of the Father?

Unless… the unthinkable has occurred

And we have grown deaf to predicting his calculations.

Or we have gone wrong in some place

But without losing the Father's, Son's, nor Spirit's grace or Salvation?

We send out missionaries,

But has anyone checked how many were sent?

How many of you actually know

Where evil lies disguised as a lamb chewing on rocks and lint?

Is it not true that by the devil saying he does not exist

That he says God does not?

For without evil, there is no holiness, but rather a normal life.

So why haven't we been warning of such a predator damned to rot?

If God is with us

We have nothing to fear.

Therefore, if death is a gain and life is even more,

Let us expose the enemy and make him draw near.

We are no judges,

But we are not to be deluded in such lies of peace.

We passively let the evil wash over us like water over sand

Which numbers daily decrease from the sea. O they decrease!

I am no son of the devil

And therefore see as Christ instructs via the Word.

But where is Satan amidst of these

Scriptures meant to be heard?