Chapter 8: Revelation

Outside on a snowy night the lamp post was the sole path lighter. Everyone was coped up in their homes wrapped in the heat it offered. The snow piled and piled on the driveway leaving me the frustration of having to clean it up later. The chill bled a few ways through the window beside me cooling down my room. I sneezed, to my surprise it was louder than I expected. I stretched my back as I stood up from my computer chair. I walked around the room to get the circulation in my legs flowing smoothly again. Simply walking around my room to observe the little details and dust that needed to be cleaned was a welcomed change.

I have experienced seven wonders of the unknown. Just as the rumours had said, those with special sight can experience it. But what comes after that is still a mystery. I suppose if we were to be told what came after, then there wouldn't be much point to experiencing this. I sat back down at the chair and let out a hearty yawn. The day had been long and tiresome. I gently closed my eyes at the building fatigue in my body and rested my head atop the table. I could suddenly feel something slipping. It was like my consciousness was fading. Something strange was happening.

I was floating in the air. Pulled up by an invisible force towards the cosmos, with every passing second my speed increased forcing me to leave what I could clearly see to be my physical body. I had entered the spirit realm. "Congratulations on completing your journey human."

There was a strange voice echoing in my head. It felt toneless and lacked the features of a normal human voice. It was strange and left feelings of epiphany in my heart. "Who are you?"

"I am what you beings may call a divine being."

"Where are you?"

"I am everywhere. I exist within the very atoms passing through your body."

"Why am I here?"

The voice was silent. Was it sick of answering my questions?

"You are here to earn your rightful revelation," it again spoke to me. I was left confused, but at the same time accepting of these events. "Why is it my right to accept a revelation?"

"Do you not wish to experience the reward bestowed to those who are open minded enough to explore the various realms of this universe?"

"You didn't answer my question," I spoke with some reservation in my voice. I realized that the words I just spoke may come across as rude. But I was ready to stand firmly by them. The voice to my surprise agreed, it was nothing like the way humans would have imagined god. People have a bad tendency of attaching emotions to everything, even to something like god. But this voice was emotionless, there was no physical presence and it gave off no feelings of divinity as we humans may perceive it. I suppose we did not understand as much as we thought we did.

"I have answered your question. Those who experience these supernatural events, they show the capacity for greater understanding and awareness," the voice was growing louder in my head. The gravity behind its words could be felt as clear as the sunny blue skies. "They are given the opportunity to experience a revelation upon completion of such a supernatural cycle. The revelation bestowed onto you will change how you perceive the world and the universe as a whole. It is up to you whether you wish to listen and believe."

I remained quiet prompting for the voice to continue. "You humans have always been capable of great imagination, something that is sometimes hindered by your scientific capacity and limitations. There are a great many mysteries to this universe that you have yet to solve, let alone discover. But the truth behind the universe is far more complex."

The voice paused giving me time to process their words. What they said was true. Even with all our brilliance we are only as good as our intelligence allows us to be. But even that has its limits. "The humans evolved into beings that would have a tendency to see structure in nearly everything. Your evolution was interesting to observe. The sight for structure is one of usefulness in vain of truth."

"Which would be?"

"One such truth would be that there is not just one universe but many. The universe like the afterlife is a system managed and run by us. So many universes that act independently, all of which are under our supervision to see which ones are the most successful."

"What happens to the unsuccessful ones?"

"They are disposed of via imminent implosion into nothingness."

Harsh, I pondered as I looked around. "What about our universe, how is it doing?"

"I am not at liberty to discuss that."

Stingy, I thought and suddenly remembered Feoria. My mind began to sway towards the system for the afterlife and could not help but beg for clarification. "Why did you create the afterlife realm, as well as the spirit realm to be the way it is?"

"Have you not pondered about the system anymore than you have experienced it?"

"I have," I stated slightly annoyed at this being's answer. The more I talked with it, the more I felt lost rather than satisfied.

"First step is the evacuation of the soul. The second step is to let the soul wander the spirit realm until it is ready to move on. Those who have yet to move on remain unkindled and lost. Some may wander to resolve their regrets, while others may seek out shelter in oasis such as the Cat Kingdom. Souls have no expiration, they can move through decades without having kindled the light of transcendence."

So even the dead may sometimes do some soul searching, they may try to find their purpose in death. But wouldn't it be easier to just move on?

"The Angel Fairies were created with the intention of providing a safe and comforting transcendence to departure points. The Soul Boats and the Galaxy Express Railway serve as the conduits for journey to the afterlife realm. The souls can no longer go back once having passed the river of transcendence. The tower is made to erase their memories and turn their once knowledgeable souls into raw format again."

"And with the last step, you are recycling the souls by sending them through a black hole, and out of a white hole to the various corners of the universe, correct?"

"Yes," the voice went a little quiet. "You humans have a saying that truth is stranger than fiction, would you think it applies here?"

"Perhaps it does," I felt that hole left by the dissatisfaction begin to close up. "But what we perceive to be strange is up to our own perspective is it not?"

"Yes, it is. So few species in this particular universe have been given the level of intelligence, if not more so that humans possess, and each of them provided interesting observations for us to note. Free will was an interesting concept when first conceived by one of our own, it seems it was the correct choice to implement it in your genetics."

"So," I spoke with some reservations. "What happens now that I have experienced these wonders and discovered a secret of a universe?"

"That depends on you. You will be given a choice. Do you wish to continue to possess this sight and more so, or do you want to give up these abilities and live the rest of your life like the majority of your species?"

My choice, huh? To give up or keep it, I wonder…

By the time I had gotten back, it was morning already. The work day was the same as always, productive but at times tedious. However one thing had changed. Whether it was for the better or not is something I have yet to make up my mind on. But the choice I made with the divine being had come into effect rather quickly.

"You are finally free from work, let's go play!" Feoria exclaimed as she followed me out the office building. I smiled at the clear sky and stretched my arms. "Ever since you found out I can now communicate with those in the spirit realm as well as souls, you have been coming here every day Feoria."

"I- Is it a bother?"

"No, it's nice to have someone to chat with from time to time. Especially for things I can't talk about with other humans."

"I'm glad to hear that!" she fluttered about and landed on my shoulders. "How about going to the park? I always wanted to go see the flower garden there."

"You don't need to stop yourself on my account," but my reply only seemed to make her slightly agitated. She puffed up her cute little cheeks, crossed her arms and turned her face away from me. I laughed heartily and agreed to accompany her. I suppose a detour once in a while isn't so bad.

Ever since I made that choice, I was able to better communicate with the dead. With this, I could also help them from time to time within my capabilities as a person of the physical realm. Even if it was just something simple like to communicate to other living beings, I was glad to do so. If these souls can move on without regrets, then I would be happy to help them. Maybe I did so in the hopes that perhaps one day there would be someone else like me who would help others. Maybe one day if I needed such help, that person may come along.

Feoria took off from my shoulders and led the way. As I watched her fly about, I crossed my arms behind my head and breathed in the cool air. I shouldn't worry too much about things like that though. As people trapped in the present, all we can do is make the best of what we have. In doing that, we can also then hopefully live a life without too much regret for when we meet our end.

Feoria's friends gathered around us when they noticed us taking a stroll together. I suppose I had become something of a celebrity now. Feoria seemed a tad uncomfortable by the growing crowd. I held out a hand for her to hold on to. With a slight blush she took my finger in her hands and we both went about our merry way to whatever life and time may hold in store for us.

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