A skip, a beat, a flash, your life

We avoid it

We ignore it

We move around it

We dance through our lives believing our life wont end anytime soon

Even the moment of we don't think it's true

We waste time

But we know our life is running low on it's sand

We know that soon our dream will be the last

But we still waste our time

Some say when we die we wouldn't of had a life

They are wrong

When you smile

When you laugh

When you blush



Have fun

That's when your life is

The time that while your hearts beats it count down to your death

You're still enjoying yourself

Thats living

That is having a life

Sitting behind your desk working for money

Making games

Writing stories and words that flow together

That is when you waist your time

When you don't do what you enjoy

When you just dance around that death comes

When you think you have to do things

When you don't do what you love

Your wasting time

Wasting life






Second by second

Spec by spec

Grain by grain

Your sand falls down it's spiral

And when every last spec is buried by others

So will you.