Sometimes I feel like people just want to shoot at me

just because they don't care to know what He means to me

There's so much happiness that they threw in the trash

because they looked at the wrapping paper and saw "From: Jesus" on the sticker

They took one look and decided He wasn't worth it

when really, He was all they needed to help them through their hurting

I watched them spit on Him so they could say they spit on me, too

I wanted to tell them to stop it, but He told me "Do as I do."

Even though they kicked Him, He loved them so much that He let them walk away

It was their choice and He respected it, even though it meant that He would be in pain to see them go

Sometimes I wonder why I have to be a walking target

but then I realize that He did the same for me so why should I be afraid of it?

Yes, it really hurts to know that someone you love would rather slap you than listen to you speak

and even though it makes me want to cry, I'll let them go, because I won't be able to change their minds

It's up to Jesus to do that in His own time

So what do I do?

I pray and act kind

just hoping someday that they'll accept Him and love Him like I've had the privilege to do for so many years

If you only knew... I wish I could tell you...

but some things are just too wonderful to put into words

Jesus is one of those things.