The Earth was created,

This is not something that can be debated.

Matter cannot be created nor destroyed,

Factual and laws of physics are not void.

Therefore, one atom cannot create a galaxy

Nor can it breathe forth life to you or me.

So therefore we must conclude that there is

A God and the Earth is His.

However, I must bring down the name

Of idols that have brought forth shame,

And gain trust from none

And help absolutely no one.

Muslims, your Allah swears by the sea,

Therefore bound by his cree.

If this is so, why is the sea greater than him.

Therefore, your false doctrine is not true and it's lies are at the brim.

Those who practice it say Christ was not the Son.

Therefore, you proclaim we have lost and you have won.

But if we are wrong, then the prophecies are wrong.

Yet ours have predicted so much.

They have predicted the world, you, us, and such.

Therefore, by time limitation,

We are correct in our information.

You abstain from foods.

You distance from your true moods.

But if Allah created something, it must be holy.

This is true and must be noted duly.

If it is holy, it is good for the master.

But why does your god command you to run from it faster?

Your words say that the Jews killed the Messiah,

But they did not believe He was, you must admire.

The Jews themselves say so today,

And this is not debated, nor is it tossed to the fray.

Let it be known that through the Heaven, Earth, and water

The One and Only true God is the Father,

The Master of the Spirit and beheld the Son.

And that the false doctrine of Allah is wrong and shalt be shunned.