Deep in the span of space and time and mass and life, there is a planet.

This planet is not a very big planet, nor is it a very famous planet. It's alone in it's small, little galaxy, just finding it's way around and reaching its small hands outwards into the pockets of space around it, stretching it's way out into the dark surrounding it.

For millennia this planet had no knowledge that there were worlds out there beyond the reaches of the blue sky, the pale blue to contrast to everything else, but at night, at night the entities held in suspension showed their colors.

Hundred of years before this day, the earth was apparently flat, and the sky belonged to the angels and heaven, and below the earth was where the demons ran amok.

Today, the sky's the atmosphere and beyond it are stars of all sizes and colors and other galaxies and planets and life forms.

We know they're there, waiting. We just haven't gotten there yet. Haven't gotten to that point in time where we can meet them, where we can learn more about what exactly this vast universe of ours holds.

And when we've explored every last planet, flown past every last star in our fancy spaceships, we can do it all over again.

The possibilities are endless, and I can't precisely guarantee you that they are going to happen but I can tell you that if I could give you one solid reason for wanting to live forever, it is to see the outcome of our minds going further than they are expected to, going further into the depths and pockets of the universe, making way for exploration and knowledge to be learned.

I am excited, and I want you to be, too.