How can it be, that You created me?

You knew from the start the dark in my heart,

yet You formed me and You adore me.

How can I stand apart from Your hand?

My legs quake and fall and I hear Your call,

But I run from grace when I should seek Your face.

I hide and I cry; my flesh loves lies.

The place where I lay, is in my own sin and shame.

At night my tears desert me,

and my strength falls away.

You whisper a love song,

You call to my heart.

You sing to my sorrow,

You pull me apart.

I am drowning in grace,

Your promises surround me.

Oh Lord, my peace,

when I am with You is when I am alive,

and when I am with You is when I survive.

This is my spirit's cry,

it sings this at least once a night.