God, my God,

My hope and my strength,

You comfort my soul

Your Love shines on my face.

Though I run from You often

And I flee from Your arms,

When I return, You race to me,

You pick me up and dust me off.

You call to me softly;

You call me Your own.

I left You for others;

I cheated and schemed.

Yet even though You knew this

You called me redeemed.

You warn me of evil;

You foretell of its pain.

I never listened; I called You insane.

When I fell down broken,

My heart hollow and dark,

You pulled me close and told me

You have Loved me from the start.

You dust me off and take me home

You heal my wounds and say I'll never be alone.

When You lay me down to sleep,

Your hand still holding mine,

My mind wanders off,

To that very dreadful time.

I wake up startled and look around,

Your eyes meet mine;

I can't help but look down.

All my shame and all the filth;

I am to blame, I am to blame.

My Lord, my Love,

You have raised me from the dead,

My Lord, my Love,

You have saved me from the grave.

Lord, You called to me,

You corrected me.

My soul rejoices to know of Your Love,

To hear Your rebuke,

To feel Your embrace,

Praise be to You,

I shall never be able to fall too far from grace.