Quick Author's note: If anyone knows any way of having a better script format, I would be very grateful. Hope you enjoy.

The back and ceiling of the stage are covered in scaffolding which can be climbed by the actors.
Stage is empty apart from a wall upstage left with a square hole (window) cut out and a bed centre stage (which can be wheeled off). The only light onstage shines through the window, landing on the bed. Jenny lies asleep in the bed.

Leah sits silhouetted in the window, casting a shadow on the bed. Jenny slowly wakes, notices but doesn't recognise Leah and then starts, sitting up and giving a short gasp.

Leah nervously I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

Jenny Leah?

Leah cocky, reminiscent of an old joke Who else? more serious, slightly tentative I just wanted to check in. Don't suppose I get to know where you've been for the past year?

Jenny Here, in the shadows, smiles nostalgically just like you taught me.

Leah smiling nostalgically It was about the only thing you didn't already know. concerned How've you been holding up?

Jenny evasive, almost scathing For someone whose mother just died?

Leah I know, I pauses to compose herself I should've realised what would happen when—

Jenny cuts across, matter-of-fact in repressed self-reproach When I came back.

Leah guiltily I know, I, despite it all, I'm… I'm still glad you did.

Jenny Same, I think…

The girls' eyes meet and they hold eachother's gaze. After a while, Leah seems to notice what's happening and mentally chides herself.

Leah I hate to be all business, especially now, but —

Jenny interrupts You need my help.

Leah picks at her gloves, avoiding Jenny's gaze, I'm sorry…

Jenny hiding resentment No, no, it's fine.

Leah Please, don't…

Jenny bitter I know, duty first — pauses to correct herself I just don't want to leave again.

Leah jumps down from the window into the room, moves towards Jenny You won't have to takes Jenny's hand ever, I promise. pause, Jenny calms It's here, we need you to get close to someone. Make them willing to do anything for you.

Jenny sarcastically So just a small job, then.

Leah scathing You used to do this for fun. releases Jenny's hand, starts to move away

Jenny hurt So this is 'just checking in'.

Leah sitting back in the window, almost to herself I wish it could've been. jumps out of the window (disappears backstage)

Blackout. Exit Jenny. Bed and wall are taken offstage.

Longer Author's Note:

I'm quite new to writing (especially plays) so any advice and criticism would be very welcome as I would like to improve.

As I said above, if anyone knows how to format a document to have a script-like format, please tell me how. (I was using a table in Word but couldn't in document manager.)

Also, as I said in the description, I haven't decided whether to keep this as a continuous narrative or just post stand-alone scenes so I would be grateful for people's opinions on that too.