The sun was blinding to see but the gentle breeze soothed me. I might want to snuggle up a little bit more but I shouldn't. I know I shouldn't because I'll be late for school.

I stretched my arms and legs and let out a stifling yawn. I opened my eyes slowly, knowing that I would see my stricken and messy room. But when I opened them, I saw a wooden table with flowers in a beautiful glass vase. I don't have that in my room. I bolted and looked around, trying to figure out where I was. I get the feeling that I am somewhere else; somewhere that is a hundred miles away from home.

I am sleeping in a beautifully adorned four-poster bed with carved flowers on each post. The mattress is as soft as cotton and the sheets were extremely fluffy same goes with the pillows. Right under the window where the sun light came was another wooden table whose design has been made by nature itself. On the top of it is another bunch of flowers which looks unfamiliar to me. Beside it was a box with a note clipped on it.

Wear it

I opened the book and saw a lovely embroidered boot cut jeans that look like one of those designer's clothes. Underneath it was studded salmon tee that if I would wear it would definitely be a tunic. And lastly is a white hoodie with pretty flowers printed on it. I took my uniform off and wear it. It was nice to wear something new aside from your uniform skirt. Across the window is a hallway mirror and another table undoubtedly made of hardwood. I didn't bother to check on the drawers. I immediately went out from the room, still wondering on why am I here. I should be in school but I remember that I didn't even step inside our classroom. I can't remember what happened.

Did someone took me to this place? If I was kidnapped, which I found unreasonable because why would they? It's not as if we have millions just lying around. If they wanted to kill me then I have to run away. I must escape, I know I must. Hurriedly, I shut the door and opened the main one which is on the ground floor. The main doors are large with carvings of swirls and a sort of abstract picture of trees and nature. I pushed and pulled the left door but since it was too big that it is also heavy that not even a centimeter was moved. These doors can't be locked for they haven't got chains or locks.

What am I going to do? I panicked. If I couldn't get out of this place I will surely get hurt or worse killed. I must find a way out, I must. If I kicked this door there is a little chance or none that it would move. Besides it would create such noise that the kidnapper might hear.

So my plan is to find a way out, an opening quickly and silently. I could cut the doors but what will I use? I don't have a saw or a knife or even a cutter. And I am sure that if I ever have I wouldn't be able to saw it properly for I have never handled a saw before. I rushed to the next floor and into the table in the room and rummaged the drawers. I found nothing but a pile of old papers, only to realize that if examined closely it looks like leaves.

Furious, I left the room and kicked the door as hard, though it is loud, as I could. Bam. It did move however not enough to even let the air out.

"You cannot leave this place. And if you ever do, you'll be the lost," a voice that is somewhat throaty and deep, spoke like it is coming from above.

"I don't care," I yelled, looking up for I knew that person who is talking to me is upstairs.

"Why leave when you can stay here where everything will be safe and comfortable to you?"

I ignored it. If I will argue to this voice, I couldn't find a way out.

"I won't hurt you," echoed all the way down.

"Ha, too bad I don't believe you. You can't promised me with that," I mocked, every word I spoke was joined with me kicking the door.

"Let me go, let me go, let me go," I screeched and I should note that I am getting tired of kicking the door.

"I won't harm you," the voice repeated.

"Let me go, let me go, let me go," I yelled that all you can hear is the 'go' echoing on the walls.

Then the voice stopped. It seems that he was covering his ears when I yelled. So I thought that I ought to scream and scream every other minute. I was hoping that this man (obviously the voice sound masculine and I'm hoping that he will soon grew tired of my yelling then he will let me out.) It sounds silly but this is desperate times.

When I stopped screaming, there is a complete silence. I guess he was deafened by my voice that thought not to speak anymore. Or for all I know, he might've been collapsed on this cold, wooden floor.

Well, what do I care? All I care is to find a way out. I am done of kicking. Now, I had thought of pushing the divan, on the left side of the room, to the door.

So I heaved the divan until it reached the door. I can carry it but I cannot push it to the door. It is too heavy and if I pushed it, the force wouldn't be enough to open the door. The table is no good since it is too light. The statue holding a piece of paper is much too heavy for me to carry but I pretty sure it will open the door.

Up above, I heard a low noise. It must be that he did collapsed and was now able to get up. If I didn't hurry up, he would surely do something to me. Although, he promised that he won't harm me. But in today's world, you can no longer trust anybody.

To slow him down, I must scream again, yell at the top of my voice.

"Let me out, let me out, let me out," I shrieked.

This ought to slow him down a little bit. And it did for I didn't hear footsteps anymore.

I smiled and sighed in relief and now back to my escape plan. If the door won't do any good (as if I hadn't figured it out already), I'm going to look for another exit.

And the first thing that came to my mind is the window. All of the windows are locked and they are all in glass. It is good because they are wide enough for me pass but then again they are locked. The window in the room is perfect though it is too high for me to climb down. It must have been 11 feet above the ground or more. How am I going to get down? Jump then break my neck? No way.

There are no stairs or even a ladder that I can climb down. I know I can't jump for if I did I will surely kill myself. I can climb on branches but the branches are out of my reach. Then I remembered something, something where the scene is exactly like mine. Phlox's runaway, I know how she got away. My old blanket was still dangling on the window pane when Mom went gardening in the morning. That's how she done it. The only difference is that the quilt in the room is not enough to reach the ground. And if it ever did, would I dare to slide down on it? I am thinking of possibilities. What if the window pane in where I am going to tie the quilt will suddenly broke while I was sliding? And what if the quilt has worn out or it will cut due to my weight the surely I will fall down and die.

I shuddered at that thought.

And since I am unable to get out through the window, I descended the stairs and rest on the divan. It has really tired me, the thinking and the moving. So I lay my head on its arms. And I guess I have fallen asleep there for a few minutes. I figured it couldn't hurt to stall for a minute, the man is nowhere to be found yet.

When I wake up, I stretched my arms and did a little bit of yawning. I stood and glanced around me. I took a close look and realized that it looked elegant like those palaces though the room looks sad, like something is missing. Most of the furniture is made of wood so they are either brown or dark brown. There are no flowers, pictures or anything that is colorful, to be added by dust and cobwebs that are as thick as clouds on a rainy day. And of course, this dirty waiting room was the same as its owner.

A man in cloak, the one who kidnapped me, glided on the richly carved albeit dirty stairs. I would've walked away but if I do that where will I hide and isn't that a childish thing to do?

He approached me and I gulped loudly. What is he going to do to me? It seems that he had recovered from my yelling. I couldn't yell anymore for my throat has gone dry and I'm sure that I couldn't speak anymore. So because I couldn't yell, I tried to think of a back-up plan in case he will attack me suddenly.

I planned to kick him in any part of his body that I could first see. But I was also wishing that I wouldn't be too clumsy to end up twirling and falling on my butt. If that plan won't work; I will let him chase me around until he will get tired. If that won't work too, I will hit him with one of the chair's legs but since it will be too hard to pull it off, I guess I'll have to hit him with a whole chair.

But he's raised his face, to my surprise. I gulped even more, hyperventilating at the approaching attacker. He took off his cloak with a grace I'm can't even copy.. He placed it on the table. I can now see a clear view of him. He was wearing a brown button-down and a dark slacks.

He dressed well than I thought. He has an oval face and naturally handsome but it seems that time has taken some of it. He is now skinny and sallow; the veins are visible on his temple. The one that makes you think that he has been racking his brains too hard. His eyes are black, just like his pupils. His nose is a bit crooked and his lips reminded me of someoneI just can't remember who?

He spoke fluidly but quite mocking me.

"I told you that you can't get out of this place."

I ignored him.

Why would I be listening to him? He kidnapped me. I don't trust strangers. Even if he promised or begged, I wouldn't believe him. After what he did to me, I don't trust him.

"Why do you want to get out?"

I ignored him again.

Because of fear, I am catching my breath at this moment; I tried not to but I can't. I was feeling unafraid to stand up to him. At first I was afraid to do something against him because he might kill me. But now I don't really care.

He sat on the nearby chair and began playing with his fingers. Was he crazy or insane? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me because I swear I saw the divan which I left on the door flew and landed on its exact place.

I gaped at him, rubbing my eyes and blinking them. Is it true or just another dream?

This man is not only a kidnapper but a human with powers, a dangerous man. I cringed when his cloak flew by itself to him.

"I won't harm you," he reminded me again, like I hadn't heard it before.

This time I figured that it is enough. "You always said that. I don't trust you. You can't tricked me with that"

He smiled, like I was joking at him. "I promise that. I told you that a gentleman never breaks his word."

"But you are not one," I scowled and looked away at him. I lay in the divan once again to at least control my jumpy feelings.

"I assure you. I will not hurt you, maybe a little." He is playing with his fingers again.

"And what do you mean by that?" I gawked at him.

"I hate to break the surprise. And I don't want to hurt your feelings," he mumbled dolefully.

And what does he care about my feelings? He is just an unknown man to me. Can't he give me a direct answer when I needed one? And what does he mean by "break the surprise".

I sighed impatiently. I was still trying to figure out what he just said. Thinking again of silly ideas that I hate to state one-by-one.

"You will just know it," he informed me,

But wait, how can I trust him that he will not harm me? I don't know the reason why? Why he took me? So I decided to ask him.

"Why did you kidnap me?"

He is on his feet and roamed the room around, clicking his fingers. I was furious not only because he ignored my question but because he walked around so I have to turned around, looking at him in every direction

"Just tell me," I yelled, glowering at him.

He walked in front of me. He smirked making me madder than before.

"I thought I have told you already."

"Told me what?" I said before he can even finished his sentence, acidly.

He laughed and made a tsk sound. "You are really not listening."

"Told me what?" I persisted, glaring at him through my messy ponytail.

"You might want a breakfast first," he offered, changing the subject.

I looked at him with contempt. My breathing seemed to return to normal.. I clenched and unclenched my fist. I was also mumbling and muttering to myself, complaining at his way of ignoring matter-of-fact questions.

"I said do you want to a breakfast?" he distinctively pronouncing, smiling, jokingly. I can't see why he found this situation funny.

"I don't need breakfast," I exasperatedly said. Maybe he will poison in it, who knows? "I have already eaten."

"I just want to know if you're hungry."

"Then I'm not," I snapped.

"What do you want to do then?" he asked like I am a three year old kid who loves to play. He walked across the room and sat the couch, clicking his fingers.


"Nothing?" he repeated, amazed by it.

"I want answers," I demanded.

He heaved gruffly. It looks like he didn't have any choice but to give me answers. Yet there is something in his eyes that shows that he is thinking of a way to gently say it to me or a make-up story to cover the truth. I was so angry that I wish I was invisible so that I can just walk out of this place without him noticing it. Then suddenly, I felt the most uncomfortable feeling. It was like I was in an ice storage or a freezing water was poured on me. Slowly and colder, it disappeared away. I wonder is it like that? I shrugged and shivered. While he was thinking, I sneered at him. How many stories does he have to think, to edit, and to delete some scenes? So whilst he was thinking I kept hoping that a hot water would be poured on me or even a gust of hot wind because even though the cold feeling was gone, it still left me shivering. Then abruptly as I imagined it would be I was back at my warm, normal temperature.

What is it? Am I sick? I placed the back of my hand on my neck and next to my forehead. Everything is right, warm as it should be. But what about I had just experienced? Is it a hallucination? I remember feeling like this but it was a long time ago and I'd rather not dwell on it.

Curious by it, I began to experiment it again. I think of cold stuffs but it didn't happen anymore. I still feel the same. The only idea I was thinking at that time was to be invisible so that I could escaped. I tried thinking it again and it actually worked.

I felt a shiver on my spine; I placed my hand on my neck and forehead but I am perfectly warm. So how could it be? Am I sick? But as I was thinking, he interrupted me.

"Where are you? Where did you go?" this man spoke, panic.

He looked around. Thrice he passed on my place but acted as though I wasn't there. Is he playing with me? I am just right here, right in front of him. I pouted at him and then the warm feeling was back again.

"I am right here," I mumbled. But even though I mumbled he still heard it.

"There you are! Where have you been?"

"I…," I trailed off. I don't know what to tell him because I don't even know what happened.

"Are you going to answer me," I crossed my arms and blew a piece of hair that is covering my eye.

"I took you because you belong to me and I have been looking for you all of my life."

"Yeah, nice try," I sarcastically flipped my hair. "Who are you, by the way?"

"Aeron," he simply replied.