Man-Beast Revised version Years Earlier

CPO Francis Sharkey never felt so useless until now with the diving bell coming up from 30,000 feet with the Admiral and Captain Lee Crane. It was his friend and Captain that his life was at stake due to Braddocks experiment that changed him into a strange looking creature.

When he opened the Bell's hatch he found the Admiral and Captain Crane was now back to himself having used the vaccine on him. Hopefully for the best, it will never happen again.

There was a communications from sickbay for which Dr. Will Jamieson wanted to make sure all was well with his patient. "Admiral Nelson this is doc, is everything all right sir?" He could hear the stress in his voice.

"Yes Doc., I will be coming to see you with Captain Crane in a few minutes." He hangs up the mike near the bell looking at his friend and captain looking totally exhausted from the entire incident.


Present day...16 years later

CPO Francis Sharkey was thinking that it was a good thing that Commander Rose Marie Crane wasn't on board the Seaview this trip. She would be a total mess having to watch the entire scenario in her condition and on forced maternity leave.

Three days ago the Nelson Instittue was developing a new type of diving bell through the Naval department, Nelson Institute and the archives given by Alana and Tobar.

Orders had been issued to have someone from the Command staff to test out the diving bell to try again to go down to 30,000 feet with a new type of atmorsphere. As for the type properties "Unknown" at this time until the test starts up.

Admiral Nelson had the choice of ten candiates to choose that was given to him from the Naval department, Oni and his own Nelson Institute.

When his secretary Angie Hawkins and her husband Tom from security came into the outer office. She and Tom could hear a argument going on with the Admiral and someone on the phone. Listening in.

"Jiggs, what gives you the right to make that choice in the first place, ordering me to have my very own Captain be the one man to go down into the diving bell. Instead of someone else that is more experience?"

"Look Harriman, from those ten that are on the list. Captain Lee Crane does have that experience with all of his years having to served on the Seaview. You know that Harriman. Why are you hedging in the first place to hold back Lee Crane from making that test dive?"

"All right Jiggs, you have him on the dive. But god forbid, if something happens. Your going to be held responsible if something does happens on the test." Nelson was fuming trying to take a deep sigh breath before going on with talking to his long time friend. "And besides Jiggs, we don't even know. What we will be dealing with a new design, atmosphere and add into the account unknown properties."

"That is fine Harriman, I have been warned. Just make sure to have everything made ready for the dive in a week, along with advising Captain Crane, Starke out." He ends the called rather abruptly towards his friend leaving Nelson pissed off.

Angie told Tom to leave, she will see him tonight. And try to let him know the further details, while she stayed at her desk working. When Admiral Nelson came storming out of his office.

"Angie, do me a big favor, schedule a meeting with Captain Lee Crane later here in my office, please do not. I mean don't say one word to him about what is going on in the first place, I will be going to the Seaview for a quick check on the diving bell. I believe you will find Lee at home." Before going back into his office to place his jacket on, along with grabbing his brief case.

"Yes sir, right away!" She says while waiting for the Admiral to leave his office before calling Captain Crane.


It was a beautiful day to run on the beach. While the nanny Andrea was watching William and David as part of her job. Lee Crane and his wife Rose Marie decided it was high time to start running again, once she was able to have the second baby two months ago. Lee had thought it would be a good idea to run together. With his wife agreeing to the wonderful idea to get into better shape, and to watch her husband at the same time with getting his health back into working order.

The wind of the day was pushing back into their faces running the last few feet on the beach and heading back to the beach house. For where their children were hopefully sound asleep inside with the nanny, while they enjoy the rest of the time together before the Seaview was due to leave in a few days. Currently not known as to the type of mission.

She could see her husband Lee was breathing hard and sweating from the run, while he grabs his water bottle from the table to place back that is needed for his body requirements.

"What's the matter old man, you can't keep up with the women for when it comes to long distance running?" She cracks up laughing at her husband before handing him a towel to dry off the sweat from his face.

"It's not funny Rose Marie, you know better to say that to me. When I hanen't done any running in a long while. And besides I am going to get back at you with that remark, when your not looking." He gets up very slowly feeling the strain of his muscles in his legs to have him feel the pain of pushing himself beyond his limits. "I am going upstairs to take a shower, would you care to join me?"

"Not this time Lee, I am going to finish another half mile on the beach before I call for Chinese food if interested. And then both William and David will be hungry, thank god I decided not to breast feed this time around." She saw the smirk on her husband's expression after what she had just said.

He had gone inside the house to check up on his two sons before going to take a shower, and be ready for the meeting with Admiral Nelson.

His two sons were sound asleep, while Andrea in the other room was on the computer reading fan fiction on the internet.

She looks up from the screen. "Sir I have already feed David a hour ago, before falling asleep quickly, William was another story. He wanted to play with his brother, but I was able to convince to try and sleep for a while." She replied quietly to not wake them up in the other room.

"Thank you Andrea, I need to get ready for a meeting with Admiral Nelson. Rose Marie will be back soon, she decided to continue on with her running, while I opted out for a shower instead." She chuckled before going back to the computer.


Admiral Nelson was checking-in with Chief Sharkey and Commander Kowalski on whether or not the changes have been made in the reactor room. Having to be talking to them on the outside of the reactor room corridor some what still frustrated.

In unison..."Yes sir." Before Sharley went into details with the changes, while Kowalski left to check on the last of his duties before going home.

Nelson and Sharkey walked inside. He showed the exact spot of the modification. "Are you sure Chief, it's going to hold up while the Seaview leaves for its mission without Captain Crane?"

Sharkey was confused at the moment. When the Admiral mention about Captain Crane having to be going on the next mission. "I don't understand sir, why isn't the Captain going on the next mission?" He asked with a serious mock tone.

"Because Captain Crane has been picked as a pilot to test the new Worm Hole Effect Module along with the new diving bell test run." He says with great pride for his long time friend.

"Wow!, I didn't even know Captain Crane was on the list of candiates. I' m very happy for the Captain and no doubt, so is his wife Rose Marie."

"Now that is some what of a different story right now. I just hope Lee will be able to convinced Rose Marie of this fact, and speaking of which, I need to go, I have a meeting with the Captain to let him know about having been chosen. Along with going over the full details on the test taking place in Texas main ground testing site.

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