Encrusted Iron Cage

I feel it now waiting in dust,
It creeps and leaks into my mind,
Hollowing out the cries and sounds,
And goads a rising fear.

Hear the next call,
Wait for the drawl to say;
'I've bedazzled your new shackles.'

A clawing at my stomach,
A begging to reject the deathly gift
Of iron and steel.

Tears turn to metallic dust,
A grey, dull shade of bland.

Something once colourful and bright,
Now a shrivelled sorry sight,
A plight enslaved by deceit.
The sheep that follow the ignorant.

No one believes the crying fear,
High pitched shrieks of innocent dears.
Should I save those precious things,
Or let them wipe out in a blink.

Ice pokes at my lungs and eyes,
Attempting to dissect my horrid mind.

Shivering cold grows inside.
Placed there by some evil smiles,
Smiles that think their trying to help.

If I'm hurting and screaming
And writhing and dying,
Can't you see through your own fake lies?

Kindle the flames of my dying heart,
It's whimpering tears my shredded soul apart.

Oh sorrow,
I will use you as a weapon,
A crutch to defend and ruin.
Do you realise what you're doing?

I do not wish my candle stifled,
When others try to tie you down,
And hide you where you do not belong.

Glimmer bright at the freezing desks,
The colourful room's blooming fa├žade,
The smiling faces burying daggers in you.

I can make the shackles let you go,
Freedom achieved in one quick blow,
Whether I should, I'll never know.