In the light of morning everything is normal, even the house, there is no signs of any conflict, nothing broken, the power works; even the dog is acting normal. The only signs anything strange has been going on being the message on Yuki's phone from the night before. The house feels so still, so alien, however, easily chalked up to being on edge, remembering the shadows coming from the floor and cieling in the kitchen. They nearly jump out of their skins when the house phone rings. Yuki watches apprehensivly as Sakura picks up the phone and answers it, relieved as her mother *sighs* with relief. It is clear she is talking with Yuki's father, Ichiro.

"Good news," says Sakura putting the phone down, "your father will be out of the hospital tomorrow. The hospital though is really taking advantage of his insurance, prescribing him all sorts of medication. They think he had some unknown toxin enter his lungs and then get into his circulatory system from there. Neither he nor they know what it was though or how he could have come into contact with it."

Yuki looks around, she is afraid to say anything, remembering Trevor, and what happened last night when she spoke of it. Sakura can tell from the look on her daughter's face what she must be thinking, as she is thinking the same thing, that one of the ghosts they saw last night might have attacked Ichiro. She had heard stories from her grandmother as a kid about evil spirits causing sickness; but always just chalked it up to superstition and not understanding how diseases really work.

That night the house is quiet, no shadows, no weird noises, no sexually charged dreams. Although Yuki does spend the night on the couch that first night. The next day Ichiro is discharged from the hospital, with nothing missing or damaged, Sakura and her daughter Yuki decide not to tell Ichiro about what happened unless they have to. The day and night pass again without incident, several days in fact pass with life as normal. A week later Yuki's portfolio is even accepted by a design firm in Plenta City and she is asked to come in for an interview, it is so long a process and so late that she decides to get a room at a hotel rather than drive back and not be home till really late. Serendipitously around that time Sakura has to go on a business trip up state. Ichiro however is still on medical leave from work, leaving him alone.

That night Ichio is unaware of a presence watching him, moving along the corners where the cieling meets the wall. As he enters the kitchen he does not see the shadowy tendril of something moving upstairs. He looks around the house, JiJi the golden retriever is outside barking and wagging her tail, while jumping up looking at the upstairs windows. An image flashes in his mind of the dog not being there, nor the dog house. He turns up his lips and whispers, "Yuki's dog,".

He walks up the stairs, hearing an soft whisper like sound above him. He stops mid-steps and listens, it sounds like two women talking, but he can't make out any words. He eyes an airvent, the sound is coming from there, "great," says Ichiro, "all these years and being alone in a house with all its little noises still spooks me..."

He ascends the steps and looks down at Yuki's room and whispers, "Damn, I'm glad you're finally getting a better job kiddo...but..."

He grips his chest, "I'd rather you not feel like I guilted you...damn."

He shakes his head whispering, "also...why am I whispering? Or talking to myself?"

He goes into the master bedroom, and closes the door behind him. He is unaware of a presence here, a shadow slightly darker than the rest beside the curtain behind the large houseplant his wife insisted be in the master bedroom. He turns on the tv at the end of the bed on a curio cabinet, flicking through some channels. He sits up, the invisible presence watches him, moving above the headboard on the wall behind him and facing the televsion. Ichiro gets up and walks into the bathroom connected to the master bedroom and opens the medicine cabinet. He holds and rattles the pill bottles the doctor gave him.

"I don't even feel sick," he mumbles while rubbing his back and forcing a *cough*, "what the hell was that anyway?"

He remembers that night, it felt like he had been stabbed in the back with something sharp and very hot, next thing he knew his world was nothing but pain and being unable to breath, darkness with a distant pin point of light and then waking up days later in the hospital.

He shakes his head, "I need to get my mind off of that,"

He eyes the walk in closet, and looks around. Although it can't be seen and the concept is not exact, if it were visible and tangible the entity might be thought to tilt its head or give another expression of curiosity as Ichiro opens a trunk buried in the walk in under his clothes. Inside is a neatly folded blue dress, and high heels, and under the dress a video tape, an old VHS tape that Ichiro takes out and puts in the VCR.

He taks his pants off, his member already erect as he hits play. The entity lets out a soft *growl* not heard over the talk on the video, two women and two men...the entity reaches out towards Ichiro as he grabs his own cock...but stops, one of the women on the screen, with her long hair, long blue dress, heels, under all her makeup, and thin hairless very feminine body is a is Ichiro. One of the men is Sakura with her hair tied up and wearing a pant suit, while wearing a strap on. Ichrio is teasing the head of his own penis watching this, making short circles with his thumb over the hole. The other woman in the video though is a blond who looks alot like Becky, the man is bigger, more muscular. The blond and Ichiro are doing a little pseudo-lesbian teaser dance for the man and Sakura in male drag as they sit on the edge of a large bed.

Ichio watching licks his lips as he watches himself in drag and the blond do a little spin and switch partners, the blond straddling Sakura's strapon, slowly lowering on the plastic phallus. Ichiro straddling the man, kissing his rugged face passionaltly as he lowers his ass, hiking up the dress, onto the man's large member. He lets out a *moan* as he looks over to his wife and the blond, they all smile as the blond and Ichiro rise and fall together, as though still dancing, and they start to sing, a song about love and fucking, and loving fucking.

Ichiro in real life slowly pumps his own member, as if he were imagining being the man in this video, but the way his ass squirms reveals what he really wants. As the song is split by moans and devolves into passionate moans as their respective partners lie back to enjoy the fucking, Ichiro in real life does not hear a soft, "I can work with this,"

He does however shortly after hear the garage door opening and closing. He is quick to hide away the videotape and pull his pants up. There is only one person who could be coming home, and that is Sakura.

"Shit," says Ichiro tucking the tape away and feeling blue balled, "the interview was shorter than she thought, told her so, no reason to waste money on a hotel when its just a two hour drive home."

However who he sees coming up the stairs is Sakura, dressed in a pants suit, something between her legs draws his eyes, a strapon, sticking out through the unzipped fly. Ichiro stands there in disbelief as his wife ascends the steps, reaching the top she looks down at him surprising him, "they cancelled the meeting early," she says stroking his face, "I need a serious pick me up,"

She kisses him passionatly, forcefully, before he knows it he has been pushed back into the master bedroom, back to the bed.

"Put it on," she says with a wicked smile and nodding towards the walk in closet. Ichiro's head is filled too much lust to question it as he practically throws his clothes off and puts on the blue dress in the trunk, it is a bit wrinkled from being stored away. As she stands there, Sakura strokes lube thickly onto the strap on. He walks over to kiss her and she runs her hands down his sides, his thin waist, his hips, days of tube eating and not moving in a hospital bed have taken their toll, but even without those he was never very large.

"This will do," says Sakura as she hikes one of his legs up and pushes the dress back, she lets out a soft *growl*, "maybe a little shaving for this fuzz,"

"I can," starts Ichiro, made silent as Sakura actually picks him up by the waist and drops him on the bed, shoving his legs onto her shoulders as her lube covered finger makes small circles around his puckering hole.

"too late, need it now," growls Sakura, as she inserts a finger, it meets little resistance as she swivles it about making Ichiro *moan* like a girl. A second finger joins the first, spreading him out as she spreads her fingers much to his surprise.

"oh yeah," she says flipping him onto his stomach, apparently stronger than he remembers. She tosses some pillows under his head and under his waist as she positions herself behind him.

"Don't touch yourself," she commands as she slides the strapon phallus slowly into his slippery with lube ass, not puckering and gripping like a wanton pussy. He *moans* as she slowly pulls out and back in, gradually building up speed. Shortly though she is fucking him like an animal, rough, hard, the way he loves it. He grips the bedspread, his erect cock meeting the rough texture of a pillow, leaking jizz over it as his prostate is pounded for all its worth. He moans and welps like a bitch in heat, clearly missing this for too long. The tv suddenly turns on, the video of himself being shared between his wife and the man, her behind him, while he sucks off the man, and the blond is sucking him off underneath. The grip on his waist gets stronger as the video shows his wife pull out and start fucking the blond in her ass while the man goes back and pounds Ichiro's ass.

Ichiro is lost to the passion, even as the video ends and automatically starts over from the beginning with the seductive dance, something impossible for a VHS tape to do...and he knows it. But Sakura isn't letting up on the pounding, his balls are drained as his dick is sliding in several loads of his own semen, still she continues to pound his ass raw, even the lube never dries out, it feels like the strapon is somehow periodically ejaculating its own hot lube. Ichiro's eyes are glazed over, his tongue lulled out, his body has become pure bliss, it radiates through his whole body. He has become the fuck toy, existing only for Sakura's pleasure as she never stops to rest, fucking him, the strapon ejaculating, her hands only move slightly as if to loosen her own grip periodically.

He is lost to the world, until his phone rings, sitting on his pants on the floor, his head close enough to the edge to see the caller ID...Sakura.

His eyes are wide, he tries to move, somehow only seating the cock deeper in his ass, earning the first *moan* from the person fucking him, "about time you got into it," says the woman, the voice is passionate, erotic, and not Sakura's. His face is forced down as he turns and looks at a full length mirror near the bed, the woman fucking him so relentlessly, between his being pounded back and forth he can make out long green hair, one curve going under the ears ram horns, pointed ears, large black bat like wings but lacking any signs of bones, like shadowy cloth, and a whipping long black tail with a triangular tip.

The woman lies on his back, her large breasts pressing him down, her legs spreading his further apart, her hips continue to pump a very real flesh cock into his ass, ejaculating a continious unnatural stream of slime like blue jizz that fills the room and the whole house with a weird sweet smell like candy only stronger. Her wings come down blocking his view. Her green hair moves about like tendrils stroking his face. He knows he should be afraid, but her now short and more rapid thrusts continue to pump him full of that euphoric tingling. Even with his eyes glazed over and close to passing out from exhaustion his mind is oddly clear, but only to her words, "Next time you will be clean shaven, let your hair grow at least to your shoulders, and we are going to have a foursome."

With that the lights go dark and the woman vanishes. Leaving him tired, covered in sweat, as a blue jizz leaks from his stretched and fucked pink and tinder ass. However something else is happening, a weight, a paralysis comes over his body. Something else is there, standing in the doorway, his vision is blurry, a shadow in the shape of a woman, head covered in red quills, and a white womanly mask for a face with red lights for eyes. He sees long black tendrils shoot out from under the stiff dress of the thing. He can't move as he feels a light suction as small soft lips move all over his body and across the bed from the ends of the tendrils. His eyes shoot wide as one licks up between his legs before shoving its self deep into his bowels, he would think it trying to suck out his organs as he hears it gulping, a bloated sensation he was numb too before fading away. He can't take anymore and passes out from exhaustian as his dick tries to rise again from the sensation.