This is just a dark revenge fantasy that popped into my head after I saw this picture. Please comment nicely!

Won't I do, Sir? In my black lace underwear.

I'm keen to be a model, and I don't mind if you stare.

Maybe I should pose for you, to show you what I've got,

It's really just the two of us, and this room is very hot.

Why not sit down upon the bed, and loosen up your tie?

I'm grateful that you picked me out, and glad I caught your eye.

No, I've never had champagne. Yes, please pour a glass!

I see you're looking at my legs, and checking out my . . .

A kiss? Oh no, I really shouldn't! But I guess I will,

And while we're kissing let me give your glass another fill.

Funny how the room is spinning, is that what you just said?

Something in that second glass you swallowed on the bed.

A man like you should never try to prey upon the weak,

You really feel quite sleepy, you can hardly think or speak.

The empty glass you drank from is now rolling on the floor,

Now close your eyes, you little shit, and sleep forevermore.