If A Man Walked Into The Girls Bathroom

If a man walked into the girls bathroom

You'd be confused.

You may tell him to leave

You may call security.

If a girl walked into the girls bathroom,

You wouldn't even question it

You'd wait in line behind them for a stall

There's no reason to have contested it.

But when you see a guy and they're claiming to be a girl

And they're claiming they have the right

To choose where they go

You say no.

But think about it like this

It doesn't even matter

Even if you don't believe transgender is real

Because bathrooms have stalls.

Stalls to give us privacy

Stalls so that no one can see.

So if a trans-woman walked into the girls bathroom

Them using the toilets doesn't affect you.

They're not going to attack you

And they're not a bunch of paedos (pedos)

They are the same as you

They're are just there to pee though.