Heroes of the Multiverse

Chapter 1

The Day Begins! Meet the Team

In this great big universe of, there exists mysteries. Mysteries that linger throughout the known universe as quests for great minds to figure out. But what if one of them were to land at their feet? Wouldn't that be something? A problem presented to them on a silver platter, with only their minds to figure it out. Well, for one Rick Miller and friends, they were about to find themselves in just such a situation. A situation that would change their lives forever, as they became champions of their world.

It was like any other afternoon for the people of Sanches City. While the adults were off making a living, those of a younger age were stuck in school, yet again. Oh wait, nope, scratch that, they were off for another day of fun in the sun, because it was summer vacation! Finally, at long last, after months of annoying homework and tests, they could kick their feet back and relax for a change. Whether it be at the local water park, the beach, or at the movies, all were free to do what they wanted. So long as they were old enough of course. Good thing for Rick Miller, being 24 and out of college, he need only to continue doing what he was doing. Which meant working on and repairing PCs, with his good friend Tyler Robertson.

"Okay, there goes the cooler. Now where's that RAM?" He wondered, while looking around the table for piece of tech.

He could have sworn he's picked one up before starting. If he couldn't find it, they'd have to delay the shipping, and order another. Which could have taken upwards to a week. Luckily, his partner was there to help out.

"Is this it?" he asked, after snatching up a 16 gig from his side of the table.

"Oh thank you. I thought I'd lost it." He sighed with relief, before taking it back.

"Dad would have really had your hide then. Just remember to keep out stuff separated. We don't want to get mixed up." He told him, with a kind smile.

"No doubt. He almost did when I cracked that graphics card last month."

"Heh, yeah. Good thing you paid up when you did, or else, he would have gotten the cane after you." He teased.

"Don't remind me. I've still got bruises from the last time." He groaned, after thinking back to that specific instance.

Tyler Robertson: 26 years old and working at his father's old computer shop, or more precisely, his shop. Ever since his dear old pops began using a cane, he took up the responsibilities as manager, and did his best to bring in as much business as possible. Whether it be advertisements or sales, he'd do it. So long as it remained standing. Seems like a pretty dedicated guy, right?

"So how's the program going? Made any new progress?" he asked out of curiosity, while slipping in a motherboard.

"Hm, somewhat, I lost twenty pounds last months."

"Really? That's pretty good." He excitedly said.

"I guess. It still wasn't the thirty from the month before."

"So? That's only a ten pound difference."

"Yeah, but I like to keep it consistent. I made a promise to do my very best, and slipping behind like that isn't helping."

While dedication was something he could admire, but there were times when it got a tad annoying.

"Well, if you're really in need of it, you can always borrow some of my weights back home. How much do you usually lift per arm?"


Hearing high number like that almost made his choke.

"Thirty? And your arms don't hurt afterwards?"

"Oh yeah, but it'll be worth it. I mean, I'll probably never be as skinny as you, but I can at least tone up."

"That'll be the sight. A muscular Rick. Maybe then you'll find a good girlfriend." He chuckled.

Back in their high school days, both he and Tyler were considered a pretty strange combination. With his beautiful blue hair that hung down to his neck, thin but well-kept physic, and wonderful smile, befriending an overweight manga reader, and video game nerd like him sounded like a joke. Even Rick found it hard to believe, when he stopped by the shop for the first time and found him working. And what better, he shared the same passion for computers as he did.

"Eh, I've kind of given up on that." He told him, while sliding in the graphics card.

"Hah! Don't lie, I've seen how you look at some of the women that come in here. You've still got taste." He teased even further.

"Tsk, mind your own business." He chuckled, while giving him a friendly nudge to the side.

With all their talking though, he'd completely forgot to check on the time. Two-thirty the clock stated, as he finished up the rig. A time he'd gotten use to see over the past three years. To any other, it was just another hour of a day, but to him, it was an hour of dripping sweat and working 'till his knees gave out.

"How that look?" he asked, after sliding in the last component in.

Being just as knowledgeable of modern PCs, finding flaws wasn't anything for Tyler.

"Looks good. What graphics card did they ask for?"

"Radeon RX 480."

"Huh, nice. Just pack it up and we'll ship it out tomorrow." He told him.

"Good. Say, do you know of any good game sales going on? Valerie's been biting at my ankles to find something new to play." He asked, before sliding the door into place.

"I think Chrissy's may have something going on. At least, I saw a sign outside the shop a few days ago. What kind of game were you looking for?"

"Fighting game, she insists on it." He groaned.

"Oh, heh, good luck with that."

With every set to ship out, all it took was him boxing it up and slapping the correct label on it. Thinking about it though, how would the customer react to it? With its black and red finish, it had a slick look, with plenty of power behind it for high-end PC gaming. But oh how he wanted to see their face. No doubt they'd love it, at least, he hoped they would.

"Alright, I'm heading out." He said, while walking by the table.

"See ya. Oh, were you coming to the beach cookout tonight?"

"I don't know. It kind of depends on what I've got going on. But if I can, I will. Count on it." He promised, after opening the door.

"Okay. Have a good day." He said in return, while giving a wave goodbye.

And with a returning wave, he left for the game store. Due to his schedule, a full-time job wasn't in his future, at least, not yet. First things first, he needed to lose the rest of his weight. Having been overweight all throughout high school and some of college, he knew if he was to get a full-time job in the near future, he couldn't have low stamina. So, to help out, his friend Valerie provided him with a comprehensive schedule, one that would allow him to work part-time, and work on his body. It wasn't easy though, especially in the beginning. But over time, it got easier and easier, until he found himself walking to the gym every day without breaking much of a sweat. Yep, he could feel it. Good things were in his future.

"Hm, which game should I buy her? I know she likes the competitive stuff, but that's not really my thing. Plus, I've only got thirty-four bucks. Maybe they'll have something for cheap, maybe?" He hoped, while turning the right corner of Rupert Street.

Knowing his luck though, they'd have to settle for something on the old side. Still, so long as it made her happy. Luckily, the sidewalks weren't as crowded, like they usually were. More often than not, he'd find himself squeezing between others just to get somewhere, but with most kids lounging about inside, there was a lot more room to move around.

"Heyo." He greeted, while entering the small shop.

"Huh? Oh, hey there. I didn't expect to see you here until later this month." The girl said in response, while flashing a sweet smile.

Chrissy: Age 28 and owner of Chrissy's Game Lot, a shop where both old and new games could be found for affordable prices. And for a gamer like himself, Heaven on Earth. When one needed a console, be it old or new, they came to her in search of it. Yep, one could grow to love a place like this.

"I know, it doesn't come out for a few weeks, but Tyler told me you were having a sale?"

"Sure am, but it ends today. So you'd best get something before the rest are gone."

"I take it the vultures have already snatched the good stuff?" He asked in disappointment.

"Kind of. We've got some interesting things, but most of the big stuff's been taken."

"Dang. Well, do you have a fighting game I can get for under thirty dollars?"

"Low on cash? Alright, let me check real quick." She told him, before turning to the computer to het right.

While waiting, he decided to look around at some of the nearby games; most of which were more recent. Mark of the Last Dragon, Regalia: The Crimson Night, Yuno: Breath of Eternity, all WRPGs that looked interesting, but weren't exactly his thing. Walking simulators weren't what interested him, at the moment.

"Let's see, I get my check at the end of the week. So I should have enough for the special edition. Yeah, it'll work out fine." He told himself.

"Rick?" She called out.

"Yeah. Find something?"

"Two somethings, actually. We've got Cybernetics: The Rebellion and Fury of the Demonic Wind, both for $29.99." She explained.

"Cybernetics and Demonic Wind, never heard of them. Which ones gotten the best reviews?"

"Out of the two, Cybernetics, with an 7.9/10. It's fast, fluid, and pretty well balanced, but the graphics and visuals haven't changed all that much from the second game, and there's no character customization, like in prior entries." She read off.

"No customization? That kind of sucks, but everything else sounds pretty good. I'll go with that one." He said, confidently.

"Good choice. I haven't played it myself, but I played the one before. It was quite fun."

"Hopefully it's one I can beat her at." He said, with a hint of jealousy.

"Who knows, maybe you will. Speaking of her, have you asked her out yet?" She asked out of curiosity.

"Nope, and it'll stay that way." He claimed, while grabbing money from his wallet.

"Why? You've been friends for almost twenty years. Isn't that enough?" She reminded him, after scanning the item.

"I get what you're saying, but it's kind of my business. So, no sharing." He answered, with a smirk of disapproval.

"Man, sometimes you make no sense. You know she's into you, you're into her, but you won't pursue? What's up with that? If you let the opportunity slip away, so with those huge melons of hers."

And there she was, the more perverted and less classy Chrissy.

"I know, they're nice, but-."

"Nice?! They're huge, they're like that of a goddess! Even you'd have trouble holding them with your big hands. She's like a goddess!"



"You're drooling."

Without even realizing it, a little string of saliva had begun dripping down her chin. Thankfully, no one else was around to hear them.

"Oh, sorry. Here's your game." She said, with a slightly blush, that matched her short red hair.


Handing over the money, she gave to him his change in receipt, before setting him on his way.

"See you later."

"Bye. And Rick, please give it some thought. You two would make such a cute couple." She pleaded.

"We'll see. I won't make any promises, though."

For a decent looking man, it frustrated her seeing him throw love to the wind like that. For the past ten years, she'd seen him graduate high school and college, as well as drop a ton of weight, and yet love was something he couldn't give or take? How much of a bonehead could someone be to think in such a way?

"Okay, that's something at least. Now it's off to run a few rounds and drop a few pounds!" He excitedly thought to himself, while turning right, heading towards the more business centric part of town.

With both large and small businesses lining the streets, it was no wonder there were more people around; still not as bad as a regular day though. While bobbing and weaving around others, he made his way down the street, towards the nearest cross walk. Looking up ahead though, he saw it, the big dumbbell shaped sign, with the name "Jones's Fitness Center" written across it in big, bright letters.

"Come on, come on, and change." He demanded impatiently, while waiting to cross.

The long he stood there, the more people lined up behind him to follow. And he did not feel like being sandwiched again. Soon after the cars finished passing though, the signal changed; letting them cross with much hassle. Well that could have been more annoying. Usually it took a bit longer. But hey, he wasn't complaining.

"Finally. Let's see, cellphone, check, wash rag, check, and money for water, got it. Oh wait, my key." He gasped, before grabbing for the door.

Each member carried a special electronic key with them, that allowed them in. No key, no entering, it was that simple. Having rushed to get to work, he thought he may have forgotten it. But as it turned out, he remembered.

"There you are." He sighed with relief.

By sliding it over the scanner, the lock opened up; allowing him access. Upon opening the door, a gust of cool air bombarded him; causing a smile to form, after stepping inside. During the summer, things could get pretty dang hot, and today was no different.

"Well-well, seems someone showed up a little later than usual." He heard.

"Oh, hey Mr. Jones."

Marcus Jones: Age 48, though you couldn't tell it just by looking. The guy clearly had a thing for keeping in shape, much like his daughter. With tanned body, short black hair, yellow eyes, bulging muscles, and a confident attitude, he was everything Rick wanted to be.

"What kept ya? You're usually here pretty early."

"Sorry. I ran by the game shop for Valerie today." He explained, before showing him the bag.

"Ah. She's got you doing that, again?"

"Yeah, but I don't mind."

"Clearly. Welp, if you're ready, could you fetch her from the pool out back?"

"Sure thing."

Upon construction, the place had been sectioned off for different activities, each dedicated to the certain parts of the body. Up at the front, tools used to strength the lower body sat, while those behind them helped tighten to the upper body and abdominal region. Meanwhile, a full weight room laid off to their left, giving those who came in a chance to work their arms. And of course, the pool out back, for those who needed a refreshing dip. Something came to mind though, as he grabbed the door handle.

"Wait a sec, if she's in there, then that means she'll be wearing a…No, pure, innocent thoughts. She's a friend. Okay, ready? Here we go." He told himself, before opening it up.

They may have been friends since childhood, but he was still a man. And perverse thoughts were bounds to pop up, when seeing her in a sexy little bikini. Nevertheless, she was still a woman, who deserved his utmost respect. And so, with a deep breath, and a prayer, he walked inside. Surprisingly enough, they were the only ones around. Not that he was complaining. If anything, the lack of sexual comments towards her was a welcome change.

"Dang, she's still got it." He thought, while taking a seat on the side.

Seeing her glide through the water with such grace, reminded him a lot of a beautiful mermaid. A beautiful, game and manga obsessed mermaid. The perfect stroke, the way her body moved with her arms, it gave her a wonderfully elegant look. Though, she didn't seem to notice him, at first.

"Wait, is that a one piece? Heh, that's pretty different. Where's the two piece you oh so boldly wear?" He wondered, while smiling at the sight.

What a strange turn of events. Normally she wore a pretty cute pink bikini, but why a one piece? Perhaps she'd lost it, or maybe forgotten to wash it. Either way, it still looked great on her. The way it curved around her voluptuous body; outlining all her magnificent features. If they hadn't met all those years ago, he would have probably mistaken her as a goddess.

"Tsk, what are thinking, Rick?" He told himself, while giving his head a little knock.

Okay, so maybe a pure mind wasn't 100% accurate. But who couldn't admire such beauty? In truth, he was merely admiring the female form, or that's what he told himself, at least. While watching though, he noticed her swimming to the ladder only 15 feet away, as he jumped back up.

"Mmmm an afternoon swim always feels so good." She happily sighed, while pulling off her gobbles, before brushing her multi-colored hair away from her eyes.

Yeah, if there was one thing that made her stand out, it's her fashion sense. While being a natural blonde was fine and dandy, back in high school, she began changing things up a bit. Using green and blue hair dye, she made it so it would start blond, before fading into a light green, and finally, light blue; creating what some dubbed Skittles hair. And to top it off, two custom-made contact lenses covered her purple eyes, turning the right, green, and the left, yellow, while also giving them a more cybernetic look. Yeah, she may have liked technology, just a tad.

"Not bad." He commented, while giving a slow clap.

Looking over, her eyes lit up with excitement. It took him by a surprise though, when she burst into a full sprint.

"Ricky!" She squealed happily, before attempting to pounce.

"Nuh uh, you know the rules." He reminded her, after extending an arm forward.

"Awww no pounce?" She sadly asked, while pushing her index fingers together, in an attempt to look innocent.

"No pounce, but you can hug."

Well hearing him say that certainly lifted her spirits, as she pulled him in for a nice, tight, squishy hug.

"Mmmph you're losing so much. Soon I won't have my cuddly panda." She giggled, while pressing harder.

"Heh, well, I've still got some gut left. Best enjoy it while you can." He chuckled, while trying his best not to look down.

Doing so would give him an eyeful of her lovely rack, as well as Cleavage Canyon. But he was too much of a gentleman to look at her in that way. Even if it felt pretty nice.

"Don't look down, don't look down. Whatever you do, don't look at them…" He kept telling himself.

Luckily, it only lasted a few seconds.

"I've been waiting all day for you. Did you sleep well? What about breakfast? Lunch?" She impatiently asked, after letting him go.

"Pretty good, a small bowel of Wheaties, and a turkey sandwich, with a bottled water. Is that enough, or should I do something else?"

"It's great, but maybe you can something other than Wheaties?"

"I got some Corn Flakes."

"Good. Just remember: eat in moderation-"

"-And move more. I know, Valerie, you don't have to keep telling me." He chuckled, while giving her a pat on the back.

"Heheh, I know. Just thought I'd remind you again." She told him, while purring a bit.

"That's the 365th time. Anyways, wanna get started?" He reminded her

"Sure! Let me get changed and we'll get to work." She answered, excitedly.

"Deal. Meet you in the weight room."


And with that, she left for the locker room, while he left to join her father. With so much to work with, no doubt they'd spend plenty of time in it. During a normal session, they'd spend an hour in each department; working to build up muscle, and burn fat.

"I see my daughter's just as spry as ever." He chuckled.

"That's one way of putting it. She's clingier than anything, though." He pointed out.

"You really think so?"

"Eh, I mean, it's not bad. But it feel kind of weird when she purposely hugs like that. I'm starting to wonder if she's doing it in purpose." He wondered.

"Heh, I hear ya. My wife was the same way when we first met. Clingy, a bit seductive, but also kind, generous, and thoughtful. And in the end, we turned out great. So who knows, maybe the same will happen to you two."

"Wh-What? You can't be serious. We're just friends. Friends…"

"And sometimes friendship can blossom into love. Not that I have any problem with you dating my daughter. Just keep her happy and treat her with respect."

"Great. All aboard the shipping train." He thought to himself, letting out disturbed groan.

It wasn't that he hated the thought, but, having her own father jump on board? It felt really weird, on top of having both of his other friends telling him the same thing. Why did they act like they could see into the future?

"You really think we'd make a cute couple, dad?" He heard come from behind, before feeling something soft and familiar press against his back, as an arm wrapped around his neck.

Of course she tried seducing him. Why not?

"Please don't." He begged.

"Hah hah, absolutely! Besides that friend of yours, Tyler, he's the only other I trust. Then again, they're the only guys you hang around."

"Good grief…"

He hadn't expected her to get dressed so quickly, but there she was, wearing a black tank top, dark blue jogging shorts, red sneakers, and a pink hat, with the Jones's brand slapped across the front.

"How'd you get dressed so fast, anyways?" He asked, as she pulled away.

"Rick, Rick, you should know how I do thing, and how timely I am." She proudly stated.

"Like you were just a few minutes ago?" He teased.

"…That doesn't count."

"Uh huh, so, what's first today? Weights? Arm crunches? Maybe giving the punching bag a few rounds?"

"Better, arm wrestling." He answered, with a smile of anticipation.


"What better way to test your strength than against someone who's already proven themselves? Of course, this won't count towards any specific activity, but I'd like to see what those thinned out arms of yours can do."

"Against you? I wouldn't stand a chance." He nervously admitted.

"Not even for a seconds, that's why Valerie will be your opponent." He explained, while bringing over one of their small, portable tables.

"Oh, that makes sense, though her arms aren't exactly jacked. Wouldn't it be pretty one sides?"

"Hey! I'll have you know, I lift thirty pounds with each, in sets of twenty." She growled.

"Thirty for me." He taunted, while raising his arm.

"….Get too ahead of yourself, darling, or you'll find yourself at the bottom." She said in return, with a slight, embarrassed blush.

"Ah, the fire of youth." He told himself, while grabbing them both a stool.

Time to put their muscles where their mouths were, and see who was right. Once in position, they took each other's hand and held on tight, while their referee held them in place. Each were looking pretty determined, as they stared back at each other; their eyes a lit with the flames of victory.

"On three you two. One…Two…Three!" He counted down, before letting them at it.

In a sudden motion, Rick used nearly all his strength to press her hand against the table. Or at least, that's what he thought.

"Looks like I win, sweet cheeks." He chuckled.

However, instead, a small grin appear across her face.

"Think again, honey." She told him.

"Huh? What?!" he exclaimed, after looking closer.

No way, somehow she'd managed to tighten up only a few mere inches above its surface! She was still in the game, and determined to win. Fighting back, she too used much of her strength to push him back; causing him to panic a bit.

"How's she that strong?" He asked himself, while at the same time, struggling to keep her back.

"Give up, yet?" She suggested.

"Not a chance. You may have an advantage in the digital world, but here, I'll reign supreme." He grunted.

To her surprise, his resolve caused a change in the game. Using but a small portion, he managed to fight her back; reverting them to their stationary positions. Seeing such a turn in battle got her thinking, though.

"Not bad, sweetie, but how about we make this a bit more interesting?" She threw on the table.

"How so?"

"If I win, you've gotta do whatever I say during the bonfire tonight." He explained.

"And if I win?"

"I'll show you all the goods~" She answered, rather sexually.

After a moment of thinking, she watched as his face lit up like a Christmas light.

"You—you can't be serious." He stuttered.

"What's wrong? Aren't you dying to know what I look like under all this? I bet it get you so hot just thinking about it, hm? I can see the inner pervert in your eyes." She softly said, before licking her lips in anticipation.

"Wha-Okay, you've gotta intervene." He begged her father.

"Nope." He simply told him.

"You're really going to let her act this way?"

"She's an adult. I'll let her make her own decisions."

Looking over, he could see she wasn't playing around. If she won, he'd have to do whatever she demanded, no questions asked, and if he won, he'd get the ultimate prize. But could he really take her up on such a perverse offer? Then again, she did put it on the table.

"Fine, but I'll have you know, I'm well acquainted with boobs." He growled, before moving to finish it.

"You're internet history speaks a thousand words, darling." She giggled.

"How'd you…No, forget it. You're going down, princess!" he exclaimed with great passion.

Both were neck and neck, while each tried out doing the other. Back and forth their hands went, as Marcus watched from the sidelines; his attention captured by the struggle.

"I won't lose to you, Ricky. And when I win, you'll be all mine tonight." She told herself.

"Nope, you'll be the one going down today. I won't lose." He told himself, in an attempt to hype himself up.

For too long he'd trailed behind her, but no more. After today, he'd finally surpass her in something. Even if it was a silly game, it still counted in his book.

"They're really going at it. It makes me so proud." Her father thought to himself, in joy.

Nearly five minutes past, and still no winner, but that would soon change. Despite how skinny her arms appeared to be, he could barely hold her back; muscles burning, arm weakening. A cold sweat ran down his face, while struggling to keep his hand away from the surface; his muscles trembling under the pressure.

"Can't keep…up." He groaned.

"Just think, both of us under the moonlight, all alone together. Imagine the possibilities." She whispered.

"No, don't listen. Don't!" He cried out.

Nope, it was over. With his muscles burning and trembling, it was near impossible to keep up. Somehow, she managed to overpower him. During the final struggle, he felt the top of his hand his the desk, as she claimed victory. Now, he'd have to do whatever she asked of him. That terrified him.

"Yay!" She cheered, while jumping up for joy.

"Hah hah, that's my girl!" Her dear old pops exclaimed, while giving her a pat on the back.

"Great…" He sighed, fearing what she would want.

Now he'd owe her one favor, and who knew what she'd want. Hopefully nothing too out there.

"I hope you're ready for tonight." She softly said, while running a finger under his chin.

Oh boy, what could she possibly want from him? He had a good idea, as he looked into the eyes of defeat.