It was on this one Sunday night that I happened to be doing some sort of stuff on the computer like writing fan fiction stories, playing video games and other stuff like that before I looked across the street at this one apartment and saw a couple walking into the bedroom and slipping off their bathrobes before getting into bed and turning off the light.

And I was about to start writing a story about what I imagined was going on over there but that was before I saw a small flash of light popping in and out of the dark bedroom window and the guy turning the light back on in order to clean the gun, get dressed and rush himself out of there.

And when I grabbed the telescope from my bedroom and gazed upon the woman still laying on the bed, I saw that she was not moving at all which made me pick up the phone, dial Nine One One and say, "I would like to speak to the police. I saw a murder being committed with my own eyes. Could you please send a squad car over?"

The next day, I was sitting at the kitchen table and chowing down on a bowl of frosted mini wheats just before someone knocked on my door which made me get up, open the door and see with shock in my eyes that it was the guy who shot his girlfriend the night before.

He pulled his gun out of his trenchcoat, handed it over to me and said, "Go ahead and call the cops. You know you want to. Take your time. I will wait.", which made me go to the phone, dial Nine One One one more time and let the cops know he was there.