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Of Wishing Wells and Stars

You can throw a wish into a wishing well, hope and hope and that's all swell

But sometimes you just got to go, roll with whatever the world may throw

You stumble and fall, wondering why this even happened at all

Confusion spreads, life's a tangled mess of threads

Forced into decisions that you don't want, you're a mess while others are nonchalant

No difference can be made, destiny cannot be swayed

You cry and cry that it's not fair, but nobody else seems to care

Keeping a constant watch for shooting stars, from your place behind figurative bars

It can't be changed, from the way it's arranged

And when it's all over, said, and done, when you fall to the ground tired and outrun

You pause, take a breathe, and get back on your feet,

You're a fighter, you're strong, you can't be beat

Life hits hard and fast, running over you, leaving you in the past

You can wish in wells and hope behind bars, it may be hard, but rememeber

In the end you'll be counted among the stars

So hold on and don't give in, fight, stay strong

Call upon the strength from within