LINK: The Beauty in Being the Bad Guy by CarlyRoberts111 on Wattpad. (Link in Profile also)

This website has been a great beginning for me and the story of Liam and Lexi. I've learnt a great deal about the way I write, what I like to write about and I've found this story has become about much more than a cliché girl meets boy forbidden love romance. It's about friendship and dealing with growing up which isn't what I expected upon first starting out writing this book.

I've had so many loyal and lovely readers in the 41 chapters posted on here, and many many more reviews than I ever could have imagined. And I read, take into account and appreciate every one.

However, due to these changes and the new 'role' this book kind of took on; I've decided it's best to move on from this website and post and complete elsewhere. Somewhere where I can really be challenged and have the opportunity to improve.

But please, DO NOT WORRY! You'll still be able to finish Liam and Lexi, only now the rest of the chapters will be posted on Wattpad.

I found myself struggling to move on with the ending of this book, or maybe it was that I just didn't want to let go, and this led to me to just needing to smooth out the little things here and there in all chapters.

Therefore, all chapters are being re-edited and uploaded onto Wattpad separately. I cannot imagine it'll take me long, and I also can't imagine that I would have gotten up the next few chapters before they are all available on Wattpad anyway, so you're not missing out or having to wait any longer than you would have inevitably been anyway!

Again, thank you so much to every loyal reader and reviewer! It's been a journey, and I hope you continue with me and finish off my tale in its new home!