English 121 was a little different than I expected. When I first signed up for English 121, I signed up with a different teacher that I had for English 095 because he was a good professor and I liked him. When I saw that they changed professors, I was disappointed because I wanted to have my English 095 professor for English 121. I thought that I was going to take his English 121 class and read Moby Dick and write a few essays that were simple. When I handed in the alert form, I expected a discussion about my accommodations, but there was nothing that can be done about it.

Since I take Academic Skills Workshop, I couldn't drop the class. Instead, I had to stick with it and do the best that I can. I thought that if I failed English 121, I would retake it with my English 095 professor and then move up to English 122. During the peer reading of the work essays, I had to read them very fast and I couldn't take the time that I needed, so I felt rushed. When I saw my grade for the work essay, I thought that if I added a few things, I would get a good grade, but I received a bad grade. I told my friend about the class and I sent him the essay, he read it, told me that it was good and that I should have received a B instead of a D.

I received no accommodations in English 121. The only accommodation that I got was sitting in the front of the class. Everyone sat in the front of the class, too. My other friend helped me revise my analysis revision and I'm glad that she helped me, even though I got a D+ on the revision. Maybe I should look up English 122 classes on Web Advisor and then go on Rate My Teachers and Rate My Professors to see which English 122 professor is good and I'll ask other students too.