Chapter 6

Even before I opened my eyes or felt that first thump of my heart, I knew that everything was perfect. My legs were kind of hooked around hers and the sheets were soft against my skin. I was pressing against parts of Keegan that were normally covered by clothing and it felt wonderful to be naked against her nakedness. I shifted slightly against her bare hip pressed up against me close enough for me to feel my early morning glory pushing against her buns.

Feeling my arms crossed over her breasts was the nicest morning wake up sensation I could hope for. But then I started feeling nervous wondering how Keegan was going to react when she awoke and found us naked together in her hotel bed after a night of love making.

I loosened one hand from where it was clutching her breast and I tried to take some deep breaths to stay relaxed as I anticipated her reaction when she awoke. Keegan began to stir and I held my breath as she turned her head and smiled at me.

"Well, good morning," she sang happily.

"Good morning," I replied nervously. "Are you okay?"

"Of course!" She laughed. "Why wouldn't I be?"

She quickly rose into a sitting position and I blinked a few times when her breasts fell out from underneath the covers.

"Maybe I should leave," I said nervously.

"Oh, relax," she laughed. "My parents aren't going to be checking up on me or anything if that's what you're worried about."

"Oh," I said with relief. "Yeah, I was kind of paranoid."

"I gotta pee," she announced, springing from the bed and prancing naked to the bathroom and I was delighted by her unabashed freedom as I watched her lovely fanny disappear from my appreciative view.

Keegan returned to the bed a few moments later, throwing herself naked on top of me above the covers. "Last night was amazing," she announced.

"You're amazing," I replied, giving her a kiss.

"I must admit I never thought we'd actually get naked together," she laughed.

"I never thought what we experienced last night was possible," I confessed as I placed one hand on her naked rear and brushed my fingers through her hair with the other.

"Well, you know, wedding sex," she beamed. "Brings out the best in people."

"Yes, it does," I confirmed happily.

"So, you mean, we really did have sex?" Keegan wanted to know. "It just wasn't some dream fantasy?"

"As evidenced by the floor littered with condom wrappers," I observed. "We were a little messy," I admitted.

"But we were really good." There was a satisfied sigh behind her happy tone.

"I guess three times is a charm."

"Do we have to put some clothes on?" She sighed as she rolled off of me and stared up at the ceiling.

"There's no hurry," I grinned, pulling the sheets away and her eyes stared at all that I was exposing.

"No, I suppose not," she grinned.

I put my hands on her waist and gently pulled her toward me so I could kiss her again but then the phone rang.

"Uh oh," I said as she rolled over to answer it.

"Hello? Oh, Hi, Mom!"

I leaned in and kissed Keegan's bare buns and reached my hand around to tickle her stomach as she tried not to giggle and struggled to brush my hand away.

"Yeah, it was great," She was saying into the phone. "Breakfast?"

She looked over her shoulder at me. "Can Topher join us? Great. Okay. In an hour. Fine. See you, Mom."

She hung up the phone and sat up on the bed with her back to me. "My mother wants to know how I was," she joked.

"You were perfect," I replied without missing a beat as I rolled off the bed and went into the bathroom.

Keegan followed me and watched me from behind as I urinated into the toilet bowl.

"Would you like to take a shower together?" She asked seductively.

"I'd love to take a shower together," I beamed and we both stepped into the glass stall together for the most glorious bathing experience of my life.

We dried each other off when we were done with the shower and we both watched each other hastily dress, me back into my white suit (sans the red shirt) and Keegan into a fresh change of clothes.

"Go change and come back in about a half hour," Keegan said, as she reached up and kissed me.

"Okay," I agreed with a wide grin, kissing her back before floating out of the room and down the hall to the cousins' room.

The room was dark and both those guys were still asleep so I grabbed my bag and went into the bathroom to change into a fresh set of clothes – khakis and a tennis shirt before returning to Keegan's room. She threw the door open when I knocked, grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the room, closing the door behind me and kissing me hungrily against it.

"I wish we could do it again right now," she told me between smooches.

"Boy, I didn't realize you were so…."

"So what, Topher?" She laughed. "Look, I wasn't exactly the Virgin Mary before this, but last night was the first for me in a while and I'm glad to back into the saddle again, especially with you. I'm feeling a sort of warm glow."

"And where exactly is this warm glow?" I mused, as I turned her around and pressed her against the door, kissing her madly.

"Oh, I think you can guess," she giggled.

"Do you think your parents are going to figure it out when they see us?"

"Probably," Keegan admitted as she bit my lip between kisses. "But they're pretty discreet about such things."

"Didn't they think we were more like brother and sister?" I feared.

"Yeah, when we were thirteen," Keegan laughed. "Things change with time, Topher."

"I guess."

"I need to tell you something," she said, pulling away from me and my heart suddenly sank, expecting the worse.

"What?" I asked nervously.

"I've never felt like this about anyone before." She ducked her head in embarrassment and then laughed hoarsely.

"You're the one for me too," I let her know. "You always were."

We left the room and we held hands as we walked down the hall. I wondered if people could tell we had done it just by looking at us, all giggling and goofy and happy and cutesy with each other. If her parents suspected anything they didn't say when we met them in the hotel restaurant, joined soon thereafter by my parents.

My mother asked me how I slept and how my night went and I answered fine without bursting out laughing. Our parents would have had to been blind not to see how giddy Keegan and I were together but if they had caught on they didn't say anything and we talked about the wedding and how great everything had been.

Mr. Dempsey surprised us by announcing that the bride's father had given him access to one of the luxury boxes at Fenway Park for that afternoon's game. We had seen countless games there in the past, but always in the box seats or bleachers so this was going to be the feather in the cap of an all-around fantastic weekend.

When we were done eating, the six of us left the restaurant together, me and Keegan holding hands again and if that didn't tell the story for our parents nothing would. We bumped into some of the relatives and other guests who were getting ready to check out and Keegan and I decided to take a walk along the river before packing up.

"Well, I think it's pretty obvious to them we're sleeping together by now, don't you think?" Keegan asked with a grin as we walked along the sidewalk hand in hand.

"I guess they're okay with it since your father didn't cut my balls off," I said.

"I don't think anybody is really upset by this turn of events."

"Yeah, but what now?" I sighed. "You're heading back to Buffalo."

"We'll figure it out," she assured me.

The walk was vigorous and satisfying. We found a tree to sit under not unlike the one back home and we made out for a while until some kids made google-eyes at us. We walked back to the hotel and goosed each other in the elevator up to the ninth floor, laughing and goofing off like the two young people in love that we were. Keegan returned to her room to pack up and I entered the cousins' who were up and getting their stuff together to check out.

"Where were you last night?" Robert asked slyly. "Did you get lucky?"

"Sure did," I replied proudly, not ashamed to admit it.

Ronny made a face. "Lucky stiff," he grumbled. "I tried to put the moves on one of the waitresses but she thought I was a perv."

"You are a perv," Robert replied. "How much porno you have on your lap top?"

"Never mind," Ronny protested.

"Well, sorry I stood you guys up, but I had better things to do," I smirked as I threw my stuff in my bag. "But it sure was great seeing you two again."

"I bet," Robert replied cynically.

I dragged my bag down to Keegan's room and knocked on the door. She opened it wearing the hotel's fancy terry cloth robe again and she smirked when my eyes bugged out.

"Are you crazy?" I asked, closing the door behind me. "We're supposed to be checking out."

"We've got a few minutes," Keegan assured me, opening her robe to reveal her lovely body once again as she let the robe fall to the floor.

"Man, I feel like we're on our honeymoon," I laughed as I dropped my bag and started to unfasten my belt.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived in the lobby, hopefully not smelling like sex or looking too flushed. We checked out with our parents, waited for the valet to retrieve the van, and then took a quick ride to Fenway, parking in a lot not far from the ball field.

I love Fenway Park but there's nothing quite like the comfort of a private suite luxury box to watch a game. Our suite offered a spectacular view of both the playing field and the Boston skyline and it was impossible not to enjoy a beautiful perspective of all of the action on the field. We had our own attendant, sat in comfortable captain chairs, had a 50" plasma television to watch, and all the food and drink desirable. It was the best baseball experience I ever enjoyed, made all the more memorable because I shared it with Keegan who I sat with most of the time although I moved over to my father and Mr. Dempsey a few times when the girls were chatting and it occurred to me that maybe they were talking about Keegan's idea to stay in Hillsboro.

It was all Red Sox in an easy win and we hung out in the box for as long as we could when the game was over waiting for the crowds to clear and the two mothers broached the subject of Keegan spending the summer in Hillsboro with the two fathers. Nobody seemed to have a problem with this proposal and Keegan happily gave me a kiss smack on my lips in front of everybody.

"So, our plan worked," Mrs. Dempsey said with a grin to my mother.

"Your plan?" Keegan asked with confusion.

"Yes, of course," My mother replied knowingly. "We both knew that the two of you missed each other and we saw the wedding as the perfect opportunity to give it a shot."

"You mean you intentionally fixed us up, Mother?" Keegan asked, wide eyed.

"Yes, we did," My mother confirmed.

"You two are unbelievable," Keegan said with disbelief.

"A family wedding, huh Ma?" I asked with a grin as I hugged Keegan close to me.

"I bet you'll never forget Cousin Randy's wedding," my mother smirked.