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I should also note that, this will contain 2 characters from KvD: Swords of Fate, but there are no spoilers. I repeat: NO SPOILERS for Swords of Fate. So feel free to read the story.


Castle Delyrus CG

Just by castle Delyrus, a medium-sized house was filled with joy from a certain dancer, when a former resident of said house returned with two visitors.

"Eryeth! It's good to see you again! Especially after all these years!" Came the call from the pink-haired dancer known as Kelli, as she hugged her son.

"Mother, too… Tight. Can't… Breathe!" Eryeth was gasping for air, from receiving a hug that a bear would give from his mother.

Kelli began blushing madly as she loosened her grip from her son. She then turned to the tall woman with two matching blue pigtails, with pink ends, who was carrying a young infant with her.

"And you must be Celess. Nice to meet you." Kelli then reached a hand to her, too which, Celess accepted with her free left hand. She then turned her attention to the small bundle.

"May I hold her?" Kelli asked. Celess nodded in response, and handed the baby to Kelli.

The baby was pretty much, a female version of a young Eryeth, save for the hair, which was blue with pink highlights. As if recognizing Kelli, the baby began babbling happily.

"Aaaww! She reminds me of you when you were a baby!" Kelli said, cuddling her granddaughter.

Unfortunately, Kelli was careless enough to bring the baby near her hair, specifically where her headband was, and started yanking on it.

"OUCH!" Kelli yelled, as the baby yanked her pink hair. Luckily, Kelli's experiences with having three children have prevented her from dropping the infant.

"Sorry about that mother." Eryeth apologized as he gently pulled Kelli's hair out from his daughter's grip.

Celess, who had been quiet the entire time, couldn't help but chuckle at the trio. After her chuckle ended, she spoke, "I see a certain someone, likes your headband, Kelli." Celess was still chuckling in between.

As Kelli was about to speak, the door suddenly opened, and at the door was none other than the famed Dracoknight/Tactician of Delyra, Marco Rubio, who was at the Shepherd garrison training grounds, training with his young son and daughter, Reuben and Marcus.

Upon Rubio's arrival, Marco, Reuben and Marcus were immediately greeted with a hug from Kelli and Eryeth. After that, Reuben and Marcus immediately went upstairs to clean themselves up.

"I had a feeling someone was visiting, when I heard you yelling in pain, as I was on my way home." His statement caused Kelli turn as red as a tomato, " I just didn't take to account that the someone would've been my son and his wife, along with my granddaughter."

His eyes, then shifted to Celess and his granddaughter, who just greeted him with a small hug.

"It's nice to see you again, Marco." Celess greeted.

Rubio smiled at Celess, "Nice to see you to Celess."

Marco then turned to his granddaughter, "Look at you, you're not even a year old, and you're already messing with your grandmother."

The tactician teased to the infant, who just smiled back at him.

Kelli decided she needed to change the subject, quickly, "So Marco, how was training with the twins?"

"They're getting better and better each time. It's no wonder they wanted to become tacticians like me."

At that moment, Reuben and Marcus had just come down.

"So Eryeth, still flirting with girls?" Reuben jokingly asked.

"I bet he'll answer yes." Marcus whispered to his twin sister, who just snickered.

"Hey! I'm not like that anymore! Why do you still say that to me until now?" Eryeth said to them, while Celess was busy trying hard not to laugh.

"We were just joking with you." Marcus said to his older brother, who was obviously still flustered.

Soleil, seemed to understand what was happening, and suddenly burst out laughing at her father's embarrassment.

"See, even Soleil thinks so to! Hahaha" Reuben pointed out to her niece.

Eryeth was turning red, and I mean redder than Kelli has ever been, specifically around Marco.

Rubio, despite not wanting to be the party pooper, he decided to step in, "Alright you two, I think it's time for you to stop tormenting your brother..."

"Thank you father…" Eryeth said to him, he couldn't have been more grateful."

"…you can do that to him later." Marco said, much to the twins' amusement, and Eryeth's embarrassment.

"So much for that..." Eryeth said, defeated.

Kelli stepped in, "Ok, as much as the three of you love to tease Eryeth... Marco," she said, turning to her husband, "Why don't you get cleaned up, and we can start dinner."

"Alright, I will." Marco said, and he proceeded to head upstairs.

After a few minutes, Rubio headed downstairs, and to the Dining room, where the family proceeded to start dinner.


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