UTC (United Terran Congress): History

This file reviews the United Terran Congress history from the first relevant pre –Congress historical developments to the current Ivorian crisis. The file also includes more detailed information on notable events, cultures and people as well as excerpts from historically relevant documents, interviews and speeches.

The buildup


The events that would lead to the creation of the United Terran Congress can be traced to the increasing insecurity and instability of the 21st century. Across the century, Earths natural resources became more and more depleted due to overpopulation and uncontrolled industrialization. The International community, unable to resolve the ever increasing economic and ecological issues, began to drift apart as each nation looked to secure its own future and access to natural resources. Over time, both nationalist and religious extremist groups took advantage of the desperation of the people and claimed an ever stronger foothold of the national governments creating a powerful if gradual change in international politics. This change quickly created severe tensions between nations as all spirit of co – operation faded away and international trade began to dry up in favor of each nation jealously guarding their wealth while coveting the material possessions of their neighbors. Ultimately the tensions began to boil over between China, which still had a massive population and a powerful military, and Russia, which had access to vast expanses of living space as well as access to oil, natural gas and other valuables, all of which China wanted for itself. The United Nations inability to stop the infighting between two of its most powerful members became apparent when China, utterly frustrated with resultless diplomacy, invaded and occupied Mongolia in order to better take military actions against Russia if it was deemed necessary. The UN, long since deprived of actual authority and troops willing to participate in foreign conflicts chose not to take any action. The UNs lack of response to the occupation of Mongolia showed the world that it was no longer capable of maintaining even a semblance of peace. China was quick to take note of this inaction. Two months after the occupation, at the outset of spring in 2090, China launched a massive two – pronged offensive against Russia in an effort to gain control of the land and its wealth. This action set in motion a series of events that would ultimately shake the very foundations of the human race.