I was just a cop walking

A beat until I saw my kid

Sister Diane sitting on a

Bench with this sad look

On that poor innocent face.

I asked her what was

Wrong but I got no answer

Out of her which gave me

No choice but to look for

Any clues inside her purse.

And when I saw a picture

Of her posing naked on a

Pinball game and a poem

That was filled with dirty

Words in it, I nearly freaked.

That was before she looked

Up at me and blamed it all

On the adults for allowing

The sex in movies and

Magazines and on TV.

Then, she grabbed and

Hugged me and apologized

For yelling at me for what

I know for a fact is totally

Not my fault to begin with.

I told her that I understood

What she was going through

And took her home before

Taking that pic to the Desk

Sergeant and telling him.