Quiet Behavior in the Restaurant

By Shadowgate

It was 6PM when Monica Billard pulled into a restaurant parking lot with her nine year old son Andrew.

Andrew said "hey this is it."

Monica replied "yes Andrew it's a new place Jake's Seafood House and I hear it's great."

Monica and Andrew entered the restaurant.

Upon entering the restaurant Tara Burns approached them and said she would be their waitress. She led them to a table for two and gave them both menus.

Not long after that a man named Devin Tank entered the restaurant.

He yelled "Cindy!"

Cindy looked up and was furious. She told him to get out and he wasn't welcome at the restaurant.

Devin said "we should be back together."

Cindy yelled "no!"

Devin said "fucking bitch I'll kill you."

The restaurant manager came out and said "I'm Timothy Headroom and I'm asking you to leave or I'll throw your ass out."

Devin stomped out of the restaurant angrily.

Monica looked up and was troubled by what she saw. Andrew laughed at the whole situation and Monica whispered "Andrew that's not funny."

Andrew got quiet and then Tara returned to ask if they were ready to order.

Monica ordered the shrimp special and Andrew ordered the kiddie cod meal.

A minute after they placed their orders a cell phone rang at another table of two.

A young man answered the phone and said "no I cannot come in tonight. My grandma is in the hospital."

10 seconds later he said over his cell phone "I can't come in tonight have Allie take care of it."

A few seconds later he said "I can't come in tonight. Look I come in every night off, every day off, I stay late constantly. This is one fucking time I can't do it."

5 seconds past and he said "yeah go get Stephen and let him know."

His father Benjamin asked "William are you supposed to work tonight?"

William replied "no I'm off tonight but someone didn't show up."

William hung up his cell phone.

Benjamin said "maybe you better go in anyhow."

William said "dad we've got family problems and I can't be there every night."

Benjamin said "well you can work overnight and then after your shift you can visit grandma in the morning."

William replied "this is one night I said no."

Benjamin asked if the person he spoke to had the authority to fire him. William said "no because shift leaders can't fire people."

Benjamin asked "would she come in on a night off for you?"

William slammed his fist on the table and said "no she wouldn't nobody fucking does it for me."

Benjamin said "let's watch the language."

William yelled "you're always on top of me about work! I work double shifts while everyone else goes on vacation or just doesn't show up at all."

William replied "well I want to make sure it was absolutely okay for you to tell her no"

Monica was quite annoyed and Andrew was giggling.

Monica nudged Andrew and told him to be quiet.

Five minutes after they left a woman finished her dinner and asked to see the manager.

The manager Timothy Henderson came out. The angry old woman said "My name it Blair Katy and I'm disgusted with the behavior I saw in this restaurant. I'm glad you threw that thug out earlier for harassing that waitress but a young man and his dad had a vulgar argument. Furthermore that little boy over there laughed at both situations."

Blair gave Andrew a dirty look and Andrew smirked at her.

The manager said "that was very unfortunate."

Blair went on to say "it was also unfortunate that woman didn't cover her little boy's ears but even then it might not have done much good that heathen was so loud."

Monica stood up and yelled "excuse me I'll tend to my child as I see fit!"

The angry old woman looked at Monica and stormed out.

Five minutes later Monica and Andrew were served their food.

After they finished eating an old man came up to their table and said "hello my name is Alex Bucking and I don't think kids should be allowed in fancy restaurants like this. Oh and you don't care that your child was exposed to a ton of profanity. What kind of a mother are you?"

Monica yelled "well Mister Bucking my child was my business so you can fuck off!"

Alex Bucking stormed out of the restaurant and slammed the door.

After Monica and Andrew finished their dinner they went to the restroom to wash up and walked out into the parking lot.

On their way to the car Andrew said sarcastically "it's a good thing I was quiet in that restaurant or someone might have been offended." Andrew couldn't help but laugh.

Monica said with sheer anger "we're never going back to that restaurant again."