In the ruins of the once great city, a tired young lady was wandering about the quiet desolate road, looking for a place where she can find food and maybe rest.

Her face was pale and was clearly showing exhaustion, her grey eyes dropping ever so slightly, her shoulder length brown hair was messy and needed cleaning though a light pink headband held the mess in place.

She wore a dirty lavander hoodie, black ripped jeans, and red spotted sneakers. She was holding a rucksack to which she dragging by the pavement with one strap.

'Come on, there has to be someplace I can sleep in, right?' She thought to herself as she looked around only to find not a single building was undamaged.

She was in the ruins after all. You won't be able to find someplace to properly rest, especially someplace you can find food.

At that, her stomach rumbled. She hadn't eaten proper food in awhile. All she ate were snack bars and some chocolate.

Speaking of which, she reeled in the rucksack and opened it. She searched through the contents and pulled out half a bar of chocolate, she snapped off a small piece and threw it into her mouth. It wasn't much but it'll do for now.

She stuffed the bar back into rucksack before hearing a roar from the distant right. She stiffened up for a moment before hurriedly picking up the rucksack and running inside a damaged building.

She sat behind a wall, her breath was shaky as she clutched the strap of her bag. She heard another roar but was much closer, soon she began to hear heavy footsteps drawing closer and closer.

She shut her eyes tight and held her breath, hoping the thing wouldn't hear her. The footsteps stopped right behind her, she was sweating bullets by now.

There was only silence for a few seconds before she heard a low growl and the sound of it moving away.

She breathed out a sigh of relief and quietly traversed out of the building, hoping that it won't come back.

She decided to go east since there really isn't much here in the west side of the ruins and she has a better chance of finding all of her needs there. She made a turn to her right that led towards the dump site.

Then she heard distant howling, then she froze up when she heard something growling near her initial area.

She slowly turned her head towards the source of the noise, standing on top of the building to her left was a dog almost as big as a human.

It stood there, bearing its fangs at the girl. The grey clouds that cover the turquoise sky make its black fur glow in a greenish hue. Scars and wounds littered throughout its body gave it a very intimidating aura.

The girl did the first thing and only thing her instincts told her to do, she ran.

She sprinted towards the dump site, the only place where she could go to in this situation. The dog howled before jumping down from the building and giving in to the chase.

She was almost to the metal fence that seperated the trash and the outside world but she had her doubts. She had a head start but she knew the she won't make it in time, the dog was much faster than her.

She didn't even know why she thought it was a good to run towards the dump site in the first place, she was sure that a mere fence can't possibly keep something like that out.

She, to her surprise, made it to the fence and quickly threw the rucksack over before she began to hurriedly climbed over the metal fence.

When she got to the top, she quickly jumped over. She bent her knees to lessen the impact on her feet as she lands.

She went immediately for her rucksack and began to run without looking back, knowing that that dog can easily bust down the fence.

After hearing the gurgled barks of the dog behind her, she knew that it was getting closer.

Taking a sharp turn to the right, she narrowly dodged the dog's incoming bite. She kept running until she was eventually cornered by the dog.

The dog stalked closer towards the girl, growling menacingly at her.

As the dog was about to pounce on her, a streak of pink suddenly came and hit the dog in the jaw.

The girl was shocked but stood ground, she focused on the pink streak and saw that it was actually hair.

The hair which is reminiscent of a raspberry belonged to a man with tan skin, he wore a long sleeved white shirt with a black collar, brown khaki shorts that reached his knees, and a pair of worn out black sneakers.

His was facing the dog so she couldn't see his face. Speaking of facing the dog, he is currently beating up the dog with an old rusty pipe.

"Aww, who's a good boy? You are! You are!" He said all of these things whilst beating up the dog with a pipe.

It was at that moment that she thought to herself.

'This guy's fucking crazy...'