Prompt: How do we keep Lincoln's promise to our veterans and their families?

How do we honor our veterans? Abraham Lincoln promised in his second Inaugural Address to take care of our veterans and their families. On March 4, 1865, when the Civil War was nearing its end, President Lincoln promised to care for the veterans of the war and their families as well. It was and is our job to keep Lincoln's promise alive as long as our country thrives. Today, the people and the government of the United States do so much for the veterans of all wars fought, but nothing can fully compensate for their time, sacrifice, and bravery.

The government has stepped up over the years and created programs to help the veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs, or the VA, traces itself all the way back to 1636, the time of the pilgrims of Plymouth Colony. In 1776, the early Congress authorized pensions for the disabled soldiers. In the late 1800's, the government support expanded to their wives and children as well. Finally, in 1989, Congress established the Department of Veterans Affairs, making it a member of the President's cabinet. Over time, support from the government grew from helping only soldiers from the most war to all veterans of all parts of the military service.

If you are a veteran, you receive many benefits for your sacrifice and bravery from the government. In 1944, Congress passed the "GI Bill" to allow veterans to receive college educational benefits to go to school. This bill is now reauthorized to cover Korean, Vietnam, Iraqi, Afghanistan, and peacetime-era veterans. The VA also has over 150 medical facilities around the United States, including nursing homes, clinics, veterans centers, and home-care programs. Readjustment Counseling Services provide counseling and social services to returning combat veterans and families. Despite the government's efforts, the people can also contribute to the veterans' care as well.

Whenever we can, we must stay true to Lincoln's promise and take care of our honored veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs provides many benefits and shows how the government has given thanks over the years to keep former president Abraham Lincoln's promise in his second Inaugural Address. Being a veteran is a great honor. To support our veterans, they receive benefits and thanks from the government and the people. All in all, keeping our veterans and families taken care of was Lincoln's promise, and now it is our task to fulfill it.