2 months after the Romanovs had been exiled to Tobolsk, things began to go downhill. Many of the troops that Kerensky had put under Dmitri's command were no fans of the former Tsar. They made jokes behind Nicholas's back & a couple of them had made sexual advances towards the girls. Dmitri, Boris, & Volodia couldn't control them. Every order he gave was put to a vote, if the soldiers liked it, they obeyed. If they didn't, they didn't. He couldn't even get them to go through a simple military drill. Things eventually came to a climax 1 day when a solider made an advance towards Olga.

"5 roubles if you suck my cock." he said smirking at her. She ran away, trying to avoid a fight, but another guard blocked her way. Dmitri, who'd heard everything, cam over & kneed the guard in the groin. The other solider raised his rifle at Dmitri.

"Put it down, Orleg." Dmitri said.

"Go to Hell." Orleg replied.

"I'll shoot you." Dmitri said, raising his pistol. The other guards came over & raised their rifles at Dmitri. Eventually, Boris & Volodia came over & calmed everyone down, but that just showed how far the situation had deteriorated,. Eventually, after a couple weeks, a messenger came to Tobolsk with news: The provisional government had fallen & Kerensky had been removed. The Bolsheviks were now in control of Russia & so was their leader: Vladimir Lenin. Now things got worse. Without Kerensky, Dmitri couldn't pay the troops. 1 day, all of the soldiers deserted. Only Boris & Volodia stayed.

"What do we do now, Mitya?" Alexei asked.

"I don't know, Alexei." he replied. 3 days after the soldiers abandoned the fort, Soviet troops arrived at Tobolsk. The head officer came up to Dmitri.

"My name is Leon Trotsky, I'm the peoples commissar of army & navy affairs." he said.

"Lt. Dmitri Shayk-Bagov." he replied, shaking the man's hand.

"I have a legal order from the central committee in Moscow authorizing the transfer of command of your prisoners to Captain Baklanov." Trotsky said as the captain came forward. Dmitri looked at the paper.

"Seems in order, can you tell me what the central committee wants them for?"

"Da, there is to be a trial for Nicholas Romanov."

"Will he receive a fair trial?" Dmitri asked.

"I don't know." Trotsky replied. "What I do know is that Comrade Lenin has requested an audience with you." The next day, the family was moved. Dmitri & Olga said their goodbyes.

"I'll come for you Olga, I promise." Dmitri said, holding her.

"I trust you, my darling." Olga said, kissing him. Dmitri, Boris & Volodia were then taken to Moscow under the escort of Comrade Trotsky. When they arrived, they saw that the city had really embraced the Soviets. He was led inside the Kremlin & taken to a huge office. When he went inside he saw a middle aged bald man in a cheap suit.

"You must be Lt. Shayk-Bagov." he said.

'I am, who are you?" Dmitri asked as the man offered his hand.

"Vladimir Illyich Lenin."