Under the Covers

It was just after 2am when I saw the blue light coming from Joe's phone in the left corner of my eye. I was sleeping on the floor of his room in an old and slightly ripped sleeping bag, but it was comfortable all the same. I was sleeping over for the weekend at his place while his parents were away and his older twin bothers were away on holiday living it up in Ibiza. So, two lads in a house on their own for a weekend, it certainly could be worse!

I'm Charlie by the way and me and Joe have known each other basically like forever. I can't remember not ever knowing him, he's always been a part of my life. Our parents are close friends, my father having taught Joe's other brothers both how to swim, while our mothers have known each other since they were at school themselves. We've done sleepovers before at my place and at his but this sleepover was a different one for many reasons. That blue light coming from Joe's phone was just enough of a light to allow me to see what he was doing in the full-length mirror that was next to where I was sleeping.

I was facing away from Joe's bed, which was in the middle of his room, but the positioning of the mirror meant I could his bed covers moving up and down in a rhythm that wasn't hard to tell what he was doing. It was quite the surprise to see. Joe was jerking off, just metres away from me. He'd probably done this before on other sleepovers but I'd never witnesses it before.

We're both 16, born just days apart so we'd talked about jerking off before but hadn't done so in each other's company. We'd been naked around each other, heck we'd even shared baths together when were about four right up until we were about 10, that's how close we were as friends. But this was new.

My eyes weren't wide open as I watched the covers ascend and then descend as Joe jerked off in case he caught sight of me watching but I was intrigued. I don't know why but I think the illumination of the blue light from his phone was making him look like an angel. That's the best way I could describe it. I couldn't see his dick as he was jerking but I could saw his toned torso poking out over the top of the bed covers. Were both quite sporty guys, we both love to swim, but Joe has always been the better of us two.

While I swim more for leisure, he swims more competitively and is on one of the best teams at school. I'm in a team too, but its not as competitive a one. Joe did used to be on my team at one point but it was over the last summer that he'd bulked up and powered his way up through the school teams, leaving me where I was. That didn't bother me, but it meant we didn't spend time together at the pool now, our teams training at different times.

I wasn't body conscious like some of the guys on my team but it was hard not to feel conscious about yourself around Joe. He was perfectly proportioned for a 16-year-old. He probably had a better body than some of the older guys in his team, but he never seemed to let that get to his head. I admire Joe for that, I really do.

And talking of admiring, I couldn't help but look in admiration of my jerking beneath the covers friend as Joe slowly pulled away his bed covers to reveal his erect cock. I'd never seen it like that before and I immediately felt a tingle in my own cock. I'd never looked at Joe like this before. As far as I was aware I was into girls but maybe Joe was doing something with my head. I knew deep down that I was open to anything with anyone and wasn't settled on guys or girls but this seemed to awaken that openness even more. As I continued to look in the mirror, my right hand made its way down my body and caught a hold of the ribbing of my tight patterned boxers.

Obviously I jerk off, what 16-year-old guy doesn't? But I didn't know whether this was the right thing to do now in this precise moment. As far as I could tell Joe didn't seem to know I was awake watching him. I was facing away from him, his attention was clearly at whatever was on his phone and his cock. He wouldn't be aware that I was catching a peek at him, would he? Maybe he was doing this with the intention of being caught? It would be a strange thing to do, but I didn't care. I was loving this, every moment of it.

It's hard to say that in the darkness what size Joe's seemingly rock hard cock was but in the little bit of light there was coming from his phone, it wasn't small, I can say that for sure. Occasionally, he let out a little groan that I couldn't help but smile at. He was clearly in his own world as he jerked off and enjoying it too. But had he forgotten I was there just feet away from him?

If he had, I didn't care. As I continued to look, it was noticeable that Joe's technique was more vigorous than mine, he was really going for it – clearly whatever was on his phone was doing the business for him. It was doing the business for me too as my cock was getting rock hard too. I was getting a boner from watching my best and closest friend jerk off. This was certainly a weird moment but I was lapping it up. I think I even caught myself licking my lips, but that could have been because my mouth was dry. I doubt that though, Joe's jerking was hot.

And then it was done.

As his foreskin made a squelching noise, it was clear Joe was about to come and then one last groan emanated from my friend confirming that indeed he had. Joe had jerked off just feet away from me and boy it was hot. My cock had got rock hard as he reached his conclusion and as I looked into the mirror, it was clear to see that in the blue light that bathed his toned body, there were trickles of cum running down him. He'd cum in the middle of his chest and the blue light showed how the trails were racing down his toned torso and back towards the base of his cock. My god, that was a hot sight.

I had to take this all in though, I had just watched my best friend jerk off and he was none the wiser. That was quite something.


"Shit" Joe mumbled. I quickly closed my eyes once again in case he'd seen me but that wasn't the case, so I sneakily opened my left eye to keep a watch on what was happening.

"Shit." he mumbled again.

Joe was clearly trying to find something to clean himself up with but couldn't find a thing in the dark, even with his phone nearby. It was kind of amusing that he hadn't thought of getting something to hand for the 'post eruption moment' as I like to call it. I know that's a really uncool name but hey, it's what I've always called it.

As Joe's bed squeaked, the springs clearly worn, I saw him get off his bed and head towards his door still in the buff. Once out of Joe's bedroom to the right is a bathroom and it was clear that he was going in there. I heard him switch on the light, so I now saw this as my moment to flip over and face Joe as he came back into his bedroom. I just wanted yet another peek of my naked friend, I couldn't explain why but my cock was still raging hard. After a quick scoot and flip over, I was now positioned to look at the door, eagerly awaiting my friend's return.

It was certainly a nice surprise when he strolled back in. Without the blue light of his phone at his side, it was hard to make out his body like before but the toned torso stood out even if the dark which was something. That wasn't where my eyes were gazing though as even in the near pitch black I could see his erect cock was still as hard as it was just a minute or so earlier.

I wanted to say something, but I didn't know whether that would freak Joe out or not. I didn't know what I wanted to say but I felt like I had to. I kept doubting myself though but I took the plunge anyway.

Putting on my best sleepy sounding voice, I asked "is everything okay?" before doing my best tired acting with a yawn and a rub of my eyes.

"Needed a piss." was Joe's blunt response before he got back in bed, the covers doing their job in hiding his cock, although not greatly as the tenting effect was clearly on display. I don't think Joe had taken in that I might have seen his erect cock, but would he be that bothered by it? Who knows? All I do know after this was that I had a firm smile on my face as I returned to sleep, my cock as hard as it probably had ever been.

When I woke a few hours later at what seemed to be around 9.30am if I had read the clock correctly, I found that my boxers were round my knees. I'd clearly pulled them down in the middle of the night but I hadn't jerked off. I could tell, I wasn't sticky in the slightest and it would be odd if you couldn't remember jerking, wouldn't it?

I was feeling groggy but then Joe walked in and placed a cup of something by my head.

"You getting up?" he asked bluntly. I looked up at him saw he was just in boxers, but there was a definitive bulge in them.

"I suppose." I replied as Joe just stretched next to me. I meanwhile was trying to get out of my sleeping bag but remembered that my boxers were still hung low. I didn't feel like showing off my cock to Joe, not yet anyway, so after a quick pull up I soon got out of my bag, picking up the exceptionally sweet cup of tea Joe had made along the way. There must have been four or five sugars in it, but I didn't think it was the time or place to complain about it. Joe did know I only took one sugar so I gathered he wasn't quite awake in himself yet. I'd left him off the hook.

As I sipped the tea, Joe then left his room, going down the stairs towards the kitchen, whistling on the way.

"Do you want anything else?" he cried out to me, cutting off his own tune.

"No, I'm fine thanks." I replied, although deep down I did have the thought of wanting to see him jerk off though. I doubt that was on offer, especially at the breakfast table. A shame I thought, but I made my way downstairs all the same.

That thought wasn't leaving my head. Joe jerking off. I was kind of hoping it was a just in the moment thought from the night before but that wasn't the case, it was all my mind could think of. It wasn't a terrible thing, but I couldn't process why now of all places had my mind focused on a guy jerking off.

The pondering of why that was the case was cut off though when I could hear something as I made my way down the stairs. Was it the radio? No, the sounds weren't quite right. The small TV Joe's mum had installed in the kitchen perhaps? No, again it didn't sound right. What was it?

"Oh yes, oh yes!" I then heard as I came to the bottom of the stairs. To my left was the kitchen and it was there where I saw Joe sitting at the kitchen table, eating a bowl of cereal with his phone propped up against his cup of tea.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I then heard again. It then suddenly dawned on me. Joe was watching porn while he eating breakfast. It certainly sounded like porn, but I suppose it could have been something else. What though was the question.

"Hey, come see this!" Joe then beckoned as I walked over with my overly sweet tea still in hand. "It's amazing this." Joe continued.

The noises coming from Joe's phone got louder the closer I neared and then I began to see what he was seeing. It was porn. Two men and one woman, the two guys having the time of their lives while the woman was in the middle of it all.

"Oh." was all I managed to say. I didn't know what was the right response given the situation.

"This will be us one day, I'm sure of it." Joe declared with a mouth half-full of cereal. "Look at it. You, me and a girl. Looks amazing."

"I 'spose." I replied. Joe gave me a funny look.

"Don't you want to be in a threesome, mate?" he asked as if it was the most important question in the world. "Or don't you want to be in one with me? I get if not, it's a bit gay isn't it?" he added as he munched down on some more cereal.

"I haven't give it much thought." I answered as I sat down next to Joe, uncomfortably looking at the video with him. As porn goes, it wasn't even the most professional looking, it was really badly filmed, but obviously Joe was getting something out of it.

"So, if you were given the chance to be in a threesome say with Rachel Franks, you'd turn it down?" Joe then asked. I just gave him a funny look.

Rachel Franks was a girl that we'd both taken a liking too the other year. We met in the first year of secondary school when she was quite bookish and a little plain. Then, she seemed to change over the course of that year and seemed to reinvent herself as this glamorous girl most guys wanted. With us being on swim teams, it kind of gave up a better chance than other guys, well that's what we thought anyway. She'd only spoken to us briefly though, we clearly were not on her radar.

"Charlie?" Joe then asked. "Well?..."

"Er...I 'spose." I eventually replied without much conviction.

"Even if I was in it with Rachel?" he then asked. Clearly this must have been what Joe had been thinking about the night before, the fact he was so set on the idea hinted at something. It was coming across as an unhealthy obsession.

"I guess." I said, a little more with conviction this time. Joe offered out his hand for a high five. I returned it.

"Excellent." he said. "I can just imagine how great it would be. You and me fucking Rachel at both ends, she'd be in heaven."

Joe had clearly given this a little too much thought but then his enjoyment of the situation soured with the next segment of the video he was watching.

"You know what to do fellas." said the woman in the video as she scooted off the bed the threesome was taking place on. Joe carried on eating his cereal but his eyes widened, I think in shock, as the guys moved on from their session with the lady to fondling and kissing each other.

"What the fuck?" he said, spitting out some of his cereal. "Why the fuck are they doing that?" he then asked, clearly looking at me. I just shrugged my shoulders.

Joe was clearly put off his cereal by what was happening, aghast was an understatement. His face told quite the story and as he looked on disgust, he just got up from seat and left the kitchen.

"Hey, where you going?" I asked, the video still clearly playing out the men's loud kisses.

"Shower." said Joe. "Can't fucking believe that." he then muttered as went up the stairs.

That left me in the kitchen alone at the table watching what had been straight porn turn into gay porn. Oddly I wasn't disgusted by it like Joe had been. The two men, both built like real gym professionals, were really going at it with the kissing. I'd certainly never kissed anyone like that, but then again I'd only kissed one girl. I wasn't the greater kisser by any means.

As the kissing continued, I turned down the volume a little and picked up the phone and brought it closer to me. "Why was I watching this?" I thought. It was kind of turning me on as well and that was bizarre. As they continued to kiss, I began to have a feel of my cock through my boxers.

What were just little touches turned into more obvious grabs and pulls at my cock as the two men in the video began to jerk each other off. That seemed to send my thoughts into overdrive. All I could imagine was me and Joe acting this out. We'd just done our bit with Rachel and then moved onto this.

He'd never do such a thing, would he? A day ago I probably wouldn't, not even given it much of a thought, but something had changed within me. Watching Joe under the covers had sparked something clearly and I didn't know what. I was open to things, I knew that, but I'd never acted up anything of the sort with a guy. To be honest, there'd never been that feeling, but now there was. I was confused.

I sat watching for a good few more minutes, rubbing myself with delight at the kitchen table. The video was the hottest I'd watched in a long time and I'd watched a fair amount of porn it was fair to say. The pleasure I was getting was really something and it was hard not to be getting really hard at the table.

My cock was only getting harder and harder by the second and as the two men in the video came and kissed some more, it was at the moment I decided I needed to do something about this. Something had changed within me, at least temporarily and I needed to act on it and do something, something with me and Joe, but how would it happen? I decided to wait until it night time. I thought that would be the best idea...


Author Notes:

Well I hoped you enjoyed this. I've deliberated for ages on what my next story would be so hopefully this finally meets any kind of expectation there was!

I've purposely left Charlie without much visual description at the moment because I feel like I'm giving you the chance to visualise him however you want. They may change though, so who knows!